List of Australian Cockroach Facts You Don’t Know

Australian cockroach

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The Australian roaches are commonly known as giant cockroaches. They also called SHAD Roaches. It’s scientifically known as Periplaneta australasiae. These species are bit smaller than American and it’s around up to 4 cm long. These large pests invade human habitats and infest widely.

These filthy bugs not native to its country as the name suggested. It is most probably found in Africa and several countries as referenced. Now it has been spread throughout much of the world through human trades and, activities.

These pests are also identical to American roaches. These are primarily found in outdoors in search of food they habitats themselves indoors. Usually, it likes to infest and habitat in a moist and damp place, Toilet, dark and any other warm areas are its favorite place. They commonly feed by plants but inside the human habitat, they used to eat starchy materials. Its life cycles contain 5 nymph stages and it takes 1 year to develop.

Australian Roaches Identification:

Gaint Australian cockroach

Photograph by Urban Entomology Laboratory

It’s not difficult to identify periplaneta australasia in all pest families. If you carefully observe you can easily identify them. Those points will you to identify

  1. 30-35 mm long.
  2. Brown colored and yellow border around pronotum.
  3. Sometimes it fore-margins also distinctly yellow in color.
  4. Its abdomen is covered with wings.
  5. Most of the time it runs but in warm weather it rarely flies.

Australian Cockroach eggs:

An Australian female roach can hold 24 eggs in its ootheca. The female carries the ootheca attached to her abdomen and deposits long before the hatching time. The length of the eggs up to 11 mm.

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Australian cockroach nymph:

Well, there are many species of roaches and periplaneta australasia is one of them. They are different from the other Roaches. Inthe nymph stage. In this stage, they are wingless and 0.6-0.8 inches in height. Although, they got wings later. In the nymph stage, there found light yellow spots on top of the abdomen which can make different than the other roaches. Normally they look yellow with reddish in color. They like to keep themselves hidden in the safe place where foods are available. They can eat all kind of foods to survive them.

Giant Burrowing Cockroach

Australian Cockroach Controls:

To control the infestation, you have to follow the following process

 Home Remedies for Australian Cockroaches:

Like all other roaches, the periplaneta australasia also infests near three major supplies- food, water, and harborage. By eliminating this sources can stop or minimize the infestations in human habitats.

  1. Discard old pile of papers or other congesting things where it can infest
  2. Empty food tin and clean food starch properly
  3. Fix cracks in wall and leaks in the pipe
  4. The clean kitchen holds regularly
  5. Remove rotting leaves from the garden and clean the house perimeter
  6. Ventilate moist spaces to stop an infestation

australian cockroachesGetting Rid of Cockroaches with Chemical:

In controlling Australian cockroach in your apartment, you have much more option to use like bug boom, spray, repellent. Visit our homepage to choose the best one. follow those also help you to get rid of them.

  1. Delta dusk and Boric are work best against the periplaneta australasia
  2. Use hand duster and follow the label on it. Use it to the roaches pathway like- corners of the doors and windows, behind the wall outlets, below the kitchens sinks, cupboards, and other places
  3. Baits are one of the common procedure for the roaches. Some of the effective baits are Max Force Fc Bait Gel, Avert Dry Flowable Bait, Advion Bait Gel, ultrasonic pest repeller.
  4. If those methods cannot stop the infestation in your household then must call a Pest Controller.

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