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What Attracts Roaches the Most?

What are cockroaches attracted to

What Attracts Roaches the Most in Your Home Generally, they are attracted to food, dark or noisy places to live. Especially they are very much fond of foods like sweets items, fruits, greasy food, cheese and meat. Actually cockroach attracts anything like starches, garbage or any other dead insects body. even cockroach eats other dead […]

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Interesting Facts About Madagascar Cockroaches

Gromphadorhina Portentosa Facts Madagascar cockroach facts at the same time simple & interesting. Madagascar hissing roaches are one of the largest species of cockroach in the world. Generally, we can find them in forest or moist places. It is also called as the hissing cockroach or simply hisser. Madagascar hissing roaches are the only one who […]

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Do Roaches Make Noise

Do Cockroaches Make Noise? The answers are yes. Roaches do make noise but this noise is not available all day. Only if you wake up late at night, you can hear roach noises. Because of this reason, sometimes many people find infested roach house after one or two weeks of infestation. Now another question may […]

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Brown Banded Roach – Supella Longipalpa

Brown Banded Cockroaches Before you Fast Forward how to get rid of brown-banded roaches part. First, you should Identify the Supella Longipalpa accurately. Identifying the brown-banded roach is very easy. They have two lighter bands across their dark brownish bodies ban and they named brown-banded because of those band in their body. Female roaches have […]

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What Are White Roaches?

What Are White Albino Roaches? The white roaches are the nastiest species if the Blattidae family. They are also known as the albino roaches or molting cockroach. These species are the regular roaches which white colors are the result of molting. When cockroaches burst out from their egg sacks the wriggle runs for food and […]

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Where Do Roaches Live in Your House

Where Do Roaches Live in the House

Where Do Cockroaches Live in a House? Roaches are the filthiest pest. It can hide almost everywhere in our house. Mostly it hides in damping places and crawls into our home through a sewer or over dead animals and decaying matters. It picked up germs with their legs and bodies that cause many diseases contaminate […]

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How Long Can Roaches Live Without Food?

How long can cockroaches live without food

How Long Can Roaches Live Without Water? Roach can live without food for a minimum of 7 days straight. Sometimes it goes for a month But they can’t survive a week without water. It also depends on the size and type of cockroach. The lifespans of cockroach depend on its verity and species. There are […]

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What Roach of the Sea Look Like?

what sea roach look like

What Giant Sea Cockroach Look Like? What Giant cockroaches of the sea Look Like? It’s a tricky question. When we think about the cockroach, we think it as a pest or household nuisance but sea cockroach is not a pest. Shrimp, prawns, Ligia oceanica, Ligia exotica, and lobster earned the title of sea roach because of […]

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What Does Roach Poop Look Like?

what does roach poop look like?

What Does roach Poop Look Like? Ever wonder if there any different of Cockroach vs Mouse poop. What does a cockroach poop look like? It looks like coffee or black pepper. Roach feces or poop can easily identify. If you find cockroach droppings in your kitchen than it sure signs of having it. They are one […]

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what do cockroach eggs look like

What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like? Roach eggs are a little bit different what we expect from the chickens. Mainly the Roaches make egg cases which are familiarly known as oothecae. The female species produce egg cases and contain many a time. some species drop the egg case, while other species carry it until the […]

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