Boric acid vs Borax

If you know boric acid and borax difference, you may question whether it is boric acid or borax the same thing? Or how are they different? Which is more convenient and practical to use? Otherwise, if you have a roach infestation, you might start comparing¬†boric acid vs Borax for roaches. Isn’t it? It’s not only you, but all of us doing the same thing as boric acid and Borax are helpful home remedies element for roach elimination.¬†


The mall differences between these two elements, although both are cheap and available in the market as pesticides. Here, we will discuss those differences and some similarities and what would happen if you mix other roach killing home ingredients with these two fantastic powder.

Boric acid vs Borax Comparison

Boric Acid


  • Active ingredient Hydrogen borate.

  • Slow Acting

  • Kills insect Damaging Exoskeletons

  • Not Safe for Pet

  • White color powder

  • Active ingredient is Borate solt.

  • Slow Acting

  • kills by Dehydraing Insects

  • Not Safe for Pet

  • White color powder

Boric Acid Short Reviews:

Boric acid is generally an extraction of boron element. Its chemical name is hydrogen borate, which is the most delicate powder, just like sugar consistency. It works better than Borax for cockroach elimination. You can get this either in liquid, powder or powder form and its cost capable.

Like Borax, it’s not dangerous for pets, animals, or babies, but it’s poisonous for pests. However, its slow-acting and may takes 2-3 weeks to see the best result.

Borax Short Reviews:

Sometimes we mismatch the Borax with the boric acid and consider they are the same pesticide as their names are the same. But basically, Borax is a salt (borate salt) form of boric acid and has crystal appearance. It’s also a well-known pesticide for small to medium infestation and highly toxic compared to boric acid.

Remember one thing, Borax is corrosive to eyes and may create irritation to eyes. Borax is mine out from the deep ground, and then it processed and made boric acid form. So, it’s relatively costly and contains less boron. As for your assistance you picked some popular comparison of Diatomaceous Earth vs Cimexa available in the markets.

Similarities: Appearance (powder), color (white), usability (pesticide), price, crystal form all are the same between these two insecticides. Therefore the main similarity is their working principle. That is both works on the insect’s body by damaging their central nervous system or exoskeleton. It’s called abrasive damage.

Apart from its both works slowly but effectively, both can be mix easily with other elements such as sugar, paper mint or other roach killing parts, both can eradicate cockroach colony slowly although reapplication required frequently. Quick full family destruction might not possible, and reappearance of cockroach may occur for both boric acid and Borax

Differences: One difference is boric acid works faster than Borax though it does not impact so much on roach killing activities. Other is it’s easier to mix another ingredient with boric acid, not with Borax.

Final verdict:
Finally, its total user chooses to go for boric acid or Borax. But we can say both are good for pest control as it’s a natural pesticide.