Do Roaches Bite Humans?

The answer is yes, do you know a cockroach can bite 5 times stronger than Human. Now some may wonder do Cockroaches purposefully bite or not? Well, the answer is no. Then what is the possible reason to bite human being? Let’s have a look at this issue. The smelly, filthy and ugly cockroaches are omnivores and will feast upon such disparate items as wallpaper, upholstery, nylon, stockings, and beer.

No one can accuse the hungry and thirsty bugs of being abstemious. But they are not likely to bite living humans unless there are extreme infestations of cock roach outgrown population. Also, they are nocturnal and timid creatures. They don’t tend to come near humans while they are awake and become movable at night.

The risk of roach biting increases if people sleep with food remnants around their hands or mouth. A remnant of food attracts cockroaches to come near humans at night. Large types are capable of biting through our skin. There are several body parts of a human that are vulnerable for bites. Particularly on these locations where food residue is resting. Face (Eyelashes) Mouth Hands Fingers (Fingernails). To Prevent getting bite from roach use best bug fogger for roaches.

What Does a Roach Bite Look Like?

Cockroach bite is very rare as they generally do not bite and if they do it is so rare that you may be experienced it once in your lifetime.roach bite is similar to mosquito bite like a  raised red bumps on the skin but their size is bigger than the mosquito bites. It is very difficult to differentiate roach bite from other insect bite but after the reaction of the body, you can able to identify the bite with very difficulty. Roach bite cause an allergic reaction and asthma, especially to the children. It also can cause a disease in pet. 

Bite Hurt or Not:

Mostly they bite at night when humans are asleep. So it felt in the morning. It causes irritation, lesions, and swelling. Some minor wound infections have been also recorded. Generally, cockroaches bites don’t hurt- and if so, not for long. It is like a pinch or twinge when it happens and the discomfort lasts just a few seconds before tapering off. But the most amusing fact is, roaches bites are incredibly powerful. Just on a small scale, roaches are capable of generating a bite force that’s 50 times stronger than its own body weight. (Published in Plosone journal) Rest assured, the bite is not going to create pain as this pesky insect is very tiny. So it is less noticeable in humans. And they tend to bite nails and eyelashes which wouldn’t cause so much pain anyway.Before it bite you try to get rid off them as soon as possible.

Bite Marks:what does a roach bite look like

Cockroaches’ bites are similar to bed bug in their shape and form. The color is bright red and it’s about 1-4 mm wide and slightly larger than bed bug bites. Just like other insect bites, cockroaches’ bites cause the skin to react by swelling up and becoming itchy. Scarcely it can become infected by inflammation and filled up pus. The bite may then become as large as a hand.

What Happens If a Cockroach Bites You?

Cockroach biting is very rare. They generally do not bite. If they bite their bite can last up to one week. Now major question is what happens after the bite. Roach bite does not make any serious disease. They most commonly cause an allergic reaction and asthma, especially to the children. Their bite may also cause a lot of wounds in the body which can make body susceptible to another disease. So if a roach bites you, you don’t need to rush, just take basic precautionary measures.

Common Bite Symptoms:

Probably you have been bitten by a roach, but you’re not entirely sure. Then be sure with these symptoms associated with bites. A red bump in the affected area. A roach bite will leave behind a red bump, similar to a mosquito bite. Redness and rashes. At times, roach bites cause redness and skin rashes, particularly, having allergy would increase this situation. Besides swelling and rashes, a cluster of bumps appears at the site of the bite.

Try These Recommendations:

Clean the Wound- Dip the cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and treat a bite. As these insects carry bacteria, it is important to clean the wound properly. Bites may lead to infection, become bigger and swell badly. So the first duty is to kill the bacteria by cleaning properly, most importantly where does cockroach live.

Consult with a Doctor- Usually, cleaning reduces the infected. But if the mark becomes dark purple, bright red color to a sickly green one; then better use insect bite relief stick medicine by consulting a doctor. Above all, keeping the wound clean and keeping an eye on the wound will result the spot disappeared within a few days! That’s what happens usually.

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