Cockroach Allergy Overview
cockroach allergy rash pictures

The cockroach isn’t only the filthiest and disgusting insects but also the germ container and the allergic trigger for a home and family. They carry a lot of germs and allergic poisons. The number of germs and allergens are enough to make a person sick or unhealthy. These creatures crawl through the damp and nasty places and through walking they carry allergens and bacteria.

They can live around anywhere in the world. According to reports, a normal roach contains 63% allergens in the home side, on the other hand, 78-98% in urban area. The body parts, saliva, and even the dead body of a roach can trigger the allergy or asthma attack. Mostly the German roaches and the American roaches are causing the allergy.

Cockroach Allergy Symptoms

How do you know that you get caught by roach allergic? Here are some symptoms bellow-

  1. Sinus infection, ear infection.
  2. Coughing.
  3. Wheezing, Dizziness.
  4. Nasal congestion.
  5. Skin rash, Itchy.
  6. A runny nose, Stuffy nose, Itchy nose.
  7. Watery eyes.
  8. Postnasal drip.

Cockroach Allergy Treatment
cockroach allergy rash pictures

From those following symptoms and reports, it is clearly said that the pastes can harm your family and enough make you sick. It causes dangerous diseases and affects our respiration systems. If anyone suspects that he got cockroach allergic or any of those symptoms one should immediately consult with a physician and take medicine. If the reaction develops then proper medication and the prescription should be followed.

  1. To relieve sneezing and itching problem one should take antihistamines as pills or nasal spray. It reduces nasal problems and runniness of red noses.
  2. Sometimes these pastes allergy can block your nasal and cause the breathing problem. Nasal corticosteroids are the type of a nose spray that reduces the nose swelling and nose blocking reactions and nasal congestion’s.
  3. To block the allergic chemical reactions leukotriene receptor antagonists is much helpful.

For Cockroach Allergy Prevention

There is a saying that “Prevention is better than cure”. So to save from those filthiest pests use best roach fogger for apartments to eliminate them from the household. Here are some tips for preventing them from triggering allergens-

  1. Keeping household clean.
  2. Empty garbage regularly.
  3. Keeping food can seal.
  4. Avoid piles of newspapers or dirty papers.
  5. Covering trash can.
  6. Sweeping food crumbs.
  7. Fixing leaky pipes.
  8. Sealing cracks.
  9. Using roach baits and traps.
  10. Keeping dinning and kitchen clean.
  11. Consult a paste, exterminators.

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