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garlon vs roundup

Garlon Vs Roundup Weed Killer You are probably wondering which is better. Roundup or Garlon 4? It’s a tough call, but we’ll try to break it down for you as best we can! For the longest time, Roundup has been the go-to weed killer for homeowners and businesses alike. However, in recent years there has …

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crossbow vs roundup

Roundup vs Crossbow Herbicide If you are looking for the best herbicide to use in your garden, then this blog post is for you! We will compare two of the most popular herbicides on the market: Roundup and Crossbow. These products have different strengths, weaknesses, and varying prices. So which one should you buy? To …

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Tordon vs Roundup

Tordon vs Roundup Tree Killer The tordon vs roundup debate is an ongoing and often heated discussion among homeowners. The question arises when the homeowner has a tree in their yard that they wish to remove but are hesitant because of the potential damage it might cause to their lawn. Which product should you use? …

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