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Scientific Name of Cockroach: Species, Family, Class

Scientific Name of Roach: Species, Family, Class

Scientific Name of Roach: Species, Family, Class The Scientific Name of Cockroach Comes from the Latin Blatta, “an insect that shuns the light”, which in classical Latin was applied not only to cockroaches but also to mantids. The word of cockroach comes from the Spanish word “cacarootch” The name “cockroach” comes from the Spanish word for […]

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Life Cycle of roach with Pictures

life cycle of cockroach

Life Cycle of Cockroach with Pictures The Life Cycle of roach with Pictures has generally three life stage and those are the egg, nymph, and adult. The life cycle of a Cockroach between on average egg and adult is 600 days. After meeting of male and female, roach produces egg cases which are called as […]

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What Do Baby Roaches Look Like?

Baby cockroaches

What Do Baby Cockroaches Look Like? Most of the people curious about what do baby roaches look like? want to see the picture of the baby cockroach. Here you can see and learn details about the It. It also knows as Larvae. Generally, they have no locative, dissimilar the grown-up. Likely they have the soft body […]

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Cockroach in Ear Symptoms & Removal Tips

cockroach in my ear

Cockroach in the Ear A cockroach enters in the ears when it afraid of something or the weather change. To get a cockroach out of your ear is the step by step.first of all I know it’s a horrifying situation but keep calm. Sometimes it comes out after some time. The small sizes of roaches […]

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Australian Cockroach facts – Periplaneta Australasiae

List of Australian Cockroach Facts You Don’t Know The Australian roaches are commonly known as giant cockroaches. They also called SHAD Roaches. It’s scientifically known as Periplaneta australasiae. These species are bit smaller than American and it’s around up to 4 cm long. These large pests invade human habitats and infest widely. These filthy bugs […]

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What Do Cockroaches Eat?

What Do Roaches Eat

What Do Cockroaches Eat in the Wild The easiest way to answer the question of what do roaches like to eat as food to survive, that is food must be meet one criterion. Food must be organic. not like iron.plastic etc. They can survive for a long time without having food or water. From the […]

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Bugs that look like Roaches But Aren’t

Bugs That Look like Cockroaches but Aren’t – List of the Bugs Some bugs that look like roaches but aren’t. You can’t identify the difference without looking at deeply. Cockroaches are one of the ancient insects all over the world. Bugs and roaches are similar to each other but they are completely different. They are […]

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What Attracts Roaches the Most?

What are cockroaches attracted to

What Attracts Roaches the Most in Your Home You Must remove all the thing what attracts roaches the most In your house beside food, If you want to get rid of them completely follow the instruction in the homepage. Cockroaches are totalitarian.Generally, they are attracted to food, dark or noisy places to live. Especially they […]

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Interesting Facts About Madagascar Cockroaches

Fun Facts About Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Madagascar hissing cockroaches are one of the largest species of cockroach in the world. This native one has some interesting facts. Generally, we can find them in forest or moist places. Normally it is not available in our country but seen by a small margin. It is also called […]

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Do Roaches Make Noise

Do Cockroaches Make Noise? The answers are yes. Roaches do make noise but this noise is not available all day. Only if you wake up late at night, you can hear roach noises. Because of this reason, sometimes many people find infested roach house after one or two weeks of infestation. Now another question may […]

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