What Does a Water Bug Look Like?

water bug identification

Water bugs are one of the primitive or archaic insets of this planet. Their common name is giant water bug and their scientific name is “Lethocerus americanus.” Waterbug is declared as the longest known bug in the world.

They are also known as Toe-biter, Electric light bug. They have two pairs of long, narrow legs that qualify them to step over the surface film of serene waters, where they most often bring together in large numbers. They also have a pair of short, deep-rooted forelegs, used for catching insects on the rear.


Palmetto bug usually 40 mm to 62 mm long in size. Their identifiable colors are dark brown and black, oval-shaped bodies with paddle-like legs. They are very hydrophytes or live close to water sources or dumpy areas. They can fly quickly from one place to another place and have a unique attraction to lights in the night. Check out here what does cockroach looks like in an infographic. 

Water Bug vs Roach


You can tell the Identical difference between Water Bugs vs Cockroaches after reading this article. People often called them cockroaches, but they are entirely or quietly different from each other. Those Two are one of the primitive or archaic insets of this planet.

They often are mistaken for their similar appearances. Water bugs seem to live in pond or water places and the cockroaches seem to live in house areas. Well, there are lots of differences to identify between palmetto bug and roaches.


Giant water bugs are relatively longer than cockroaches. They are more significant than normal house roaches. The roaches can be 2 inches long. At the same time the palmetto bug is almost double in size. The only size similar to the palmetto bug can be American roaches. Madagascar cockroach is the biggest in this family.

The roaches are dark brown or black. At the same time water bugs are black. The palmetto bug has a pair of short, deep-rooted forelegs, used for catching insects on the rear and roaches has legs, a head and a couple of the horn.


Generally, they are ubiquitous insects. Cockroaches can be found everywhere like in kitchens, toilets or bedsheets. They like dirty, worm-dark places a lot.

At the same time, palmetto bug lives in water or pond places and they are not well adapted to live all the places like roaches.


Roaches typically take all kinds of food. They like bakery foods, dead animals, plant materials, sugar-related foods a lot.

At the same time, giant water bugs like small fishes, snakes, frogs, and tortoise.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs

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