What Does a Water Bug Look Like?

water bug identification

Water bugs are one of the primitive or archaic insets of this planet. Their common name is giant water bug and their scientific name is “Lethocerus americanus”. Waterbug is declared as the longest known bug in the world.

They are also known as Toe-biter, Electric light bug. They have two pairs of long, narrow legs that qualify them to step over the surface film of serene waters, where they most often bring together in large numbers. They also have a pair of short, deep-rooted forelegs, used for catching insects on the rear.


palmetto bug normally 40 mm to 62 mm long in size. Their identifiable colors are dark brown and black, oval-shaped bodies with paddle-like legs. They are very hydrophyte or live close to water sources or dumpy areas. They can fly easily from one place to another place and have the special attraction to lights in the night. Check out here what does cockroach look like in a infographics. 

Water Bug vs Roach

water bug vs cockroach

You can tell the Identical difference between Water Bugs vs Cockroaches after reading this article. People often called them cockroach, but they are completely or quietly different from each other. Those Two are one of the primitive or archaic insets of this planet.

They often are mistaken for their similar appearances. Waterbugs seem to live in pond or water places and the cockroaches seem to live in house areas. Well, there are lots of differences to identify between palmetto bug and roaches.


Giant water bugs are relatively longer than cockroaches. They are bigger than normal house roaches. The roaches can be 2 inches long, at the same time palmetto bug are almost double in size. The only size similar to the palmetto bug can be American roaches.

The roaches are dark brown or black at the same time water bugs are black in color. palmetto bug has a pair of short, deep-rooted forelegs, used for catching insects on the rear and roaches has legs, a head and a pair of the horn.

Habitats: what do water bugs eat

Generally, they are very common insects. Cockroaches can be found everywhere like in kitchens, toilets or on bed sheets. They like dirty, worm-dark places a lot.

At the same time, palmetto bug live in water or pond places and they are not well adapted to live all the places like roaches.


Roaches normally take all kinds of food. They like bakery foods, dead animals, plant materials, sugar related foods a lot.

At the same time, giant water bugs like small fishes, snakes, frogs, and tortoise.

Do Gaint Water Bugs Fly?

Yes, adult water bugs fly when necessary but they rarely fly, when they become the adult, they do have wings. They are capable of gliding for long distances when necessary.

Do Water Bugs Bite?

Yes, the water bugs bite.

Peoples are often done mistakes between palmetto bug and cockroaches. But they are completely different from each other. They are referred to be the toe biters. These insects are considered harmless. Normally they don’t bite. When they fall into danger, they use their weapon. Generally, they don’t come to man zone.

There is no warning from the palmetto bug. You can feel comfortable in their zone. They normally live in the water. Sometimes they come to the ground. They bite in danger but don’t take so seriously because they don’t.

What Do Water Bugs Eat?

They are found on or beneath the rear of almost all calm streams and ponds; a few forms live in lightly flowing water. The boatmen (family Corixidae) are enormous in lakes and ponds throughout most of the world. Normally they feed all kinds of foods but very fond of small fishes, frogs, snakes, and tortoise.

What Color Are Water Bugs?

People often do mistakes about cockroaches and bugs. But they are quite different from each other. There is various type of bugs. Waterbug is one of them. palmetto bug are normally bigger than the other bugs.

Giant water bugs are normally black in color. In the early stage, you will find the color of the bugs is black or dark brown with the paddle. After that, it turns into dark black day by day. In the maturity level, it gets the full black skin. That’s why many of us called black beetles

Where Do Toe Biters Live?

Belostomatidae is a familiar insect. People often called it the giant cockroaches. But they are quite different from the roaches. They have many names, they are – toe biters, Indian toe biters, electric light bugs or alligator fleas. It is the largest size of all bugs. In the maturity level, it can be 12 cm means 4.5 inches in height.

They are native to southern Canada and the united states. They also found in the Asia zone. The adult toe biters can’t survive in the water. They normally found in the grass or dry places where foods are available. They also found in the trees or vegetable areas where foods are easy for them.

Above all, the toe biters are common. They can found all the places where foods are available.

What Are Water Bugs Attracted To?

They like to live in a pond or river areas. Normally they are attracted to food which is available to water. Generally, they eat all types of foods. They like young fishes, small snakes, crustaceans and the other adult insects which are smaller than their size.

palmetto bug is normally bigger than the maximum bugs. Because of that, they can search foods easily from different sources. If the foods are not available to the water they come to the dry zone for the foods. Above all, they are very much attracted to foods.

How to Kill Water bug Roaches:

Generally, giant water bugs are not dangerous or harmful and if you have children’s or pets, there is no need to take chemical actions against them. but you want instant results of killing them. we suggest go to use bug bomb .Well, beside that there are some recommendations against them. They are-

  1. The best way can be clean up all the areas.
  2. By using a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar (non-toxic and won’t hurt pets if they lick it) near the entrance where they tend to hide.
  3. Peppermint oil can be very effective.
  4. By using bay leaves to protect your household against all kinds of bugs.
  5. You can also use normal boric acids or baits.
  6. Using bug sprays can be a good recommendation.
  7. Constant liquid dish detergent is another efficient redress for water bugs in your household.
  8. You can also use homemade remedies to get rid of it.

Therefore, if you see only one or two, you can easily scoop them up into a cup and carry them outdoors away from the house.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs

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