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Before you direct Go How to Kill American Cockroaches in House, let me first introduce you American roaches (Periplaneta americana) also named as the Huge cockroaches and also commonly named as Red Cockroach. There are different types of cockroaches-some are small, some are medium and some are large. Though the name American, it is not native to North America some evidence suggested that its origin is from Africa in the early 1600s.

What is a palmetto bug?

Palmetto bug is one of the old or ancient insects all over the world. People also called it the American roach. They are very much similar to the American one. They can find in the north area zone. They are 3 inches in height and their body is over shaped. Their body color is dark brown with reddish. In the adult stage, they get the wings. They have long horns and wings. Normally they don’t fly but they can fly better than the other roaches. They eat all kinds of foods for their life and like to hide in the dark places for their safety.

Identification of Huge Roach:

The large cockroach is generally reddish brown with a yellowish statue 8 norms on the back of the head. American one’s size is normally 32-54 mm in length. They have six legs and their bodies are over shaped. Both male and female have wings and the big flying roaches a small distance like building to building.

Size:american roach picture

They are also called the water bugs or palmetto bugs for their similar appearances.Palmetto bug approximately 4 cm or 1.6 inches in height. It is bigger than most other roaches we found. Their wings are also bigger than the others. but comparatively, the male wings are bigger than the female one but they hardly fly.


The female American lay eggs in the hardened, which is called the ootheca. The female one can produce one egg case a month for ten months. In that cases, there can be approximately 16 eggs per cases. The female roach lays eggs in dark and safe place or some other roaches keep the case in their mouth until the eggs are not laid out. The egg case is brown in color and after that, it turns black in color. The egg size can be 8 mm long and 5 mm high.


There are three stages of the palmetto bug of its lifetime. Nymph is one of them. In the nymph stage, the oriental one is reddish with dark brown in color and it can be .8-1 inches in height. The nymph and the adult stage are the same. They are quite similar to their appearances like diet, living, and habit. The only difference is that the nymph stage is they don’t get any wings but the adult one gets the wings. The nymph-like to live in the dark or garbage areas where foods are available. They like to hide from human and other insects. They mainly eat all kind of foods to survive.


Generally, it can find out all over the world. They normally live outdoors. They like to hide in dark, warm and damp areas like flower beds. They often found in bathrooms, itches, bed sheets, hard boards and also in restaurants. it comes to houses for food and water. Generally, they eat all kinds of foods. They eat leaves, small insects, bakery foods, scrubs of foods and also eat pet food which is left out overnight.

How long does an American cockroach live?American cockroach picture

Ancient and largest American roach don’t live year by year. But they can produce themselves quickly. They can live longer than the most other insects. The female one can survive or live longer than the male one. The male American can live up to 362 days while the female one can live up to 700 days above. The female one is smarter than the male one and keeps them hide in safe places to live long.

do palmetto bugs carry disease?

As a roach palmetto bug carries disease. The most common disease happen with a person by the palmetto bug is the digestive problem of that person. vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea are a most common thing happened to a person for the digestive problem. Palmetto bug also causes an allergic reaction and asthma, especially to the children. It also can cause a disease in pets. An allergic reaction like sneezing, rashes happened with a person.

American Roach droppings:

American roach is the largest infesting insect to our houses. They are very annoying than the most other insects. The small American one leaves behind the brown or black specs like coffee grains. They leave behind solid feces shaped like cylinders. The bigger one left ridges back to them. These ridges can help you to find droppings. Normally the dropping is not harmful but sometimes they can make damages to you and spread a lot of diseases.

what eats palmetto bugs?

local cockroach in the Southeast region of the United States of America is known as the palmetto bug. So as a roach palmetto bug has a lot of predators. toads, frogs, beetles, geckos, and iguanas are the most natural predator of palmetto bug. Some parasitic wasps also predate palmetto bug. The parasitic wasp lay their eggs in the egg cases of palmetto bug which feed on from the palmetto bug eggs and predates palmetto bug.

Palmetto Bug vs Cockroachpalmetto bug vs cockroach

There is another confusion between cockroach Vs palmetto bug. More than 4000 bugs are commonly known as cockroach so people often confused what cockroach is and also a lot of beetles look like them and share the same name.The major question regarding them, Is there any differences between cockroach and palmetto bug? The answer is no. Palmetto bug is a local name of a cockroach species especially in the Southeast region of the United States of America called it American cockroach.

In some region, American roach and smoky brown roach are known as a palmetto bug.So the main thing is when American roach and smoky brown is found in the south-east region of the USA they are called palmetto bug.

 How To Control

It can easily come or enter houses and can make a serious damage and they can bite pets or animals. Cheak our recommended product from reviews page to keep your family and pets safe.There are some recommendations to get rid of them.

  1. Stop water leaks, screen equipment overflow drains, and take overflow water away from buildings; keep drain traps full or capped.
  2. Clean kitchen house perfectly.
  3. Pick up all the foods that are left overnight.
  4. Boric acids or baits can be very effective against them.
  5. By Removing rotting leaves from window wells and gutters.
  6. By using Dust behind baseboards, wall outlets, wall voids and underneath appliances.
  7. Discuss with a pest professional to get rid of this properly without any risk.
  8. you need to clean your kitchen regularly to remove the unwanted food source.
  9. You have to caulk all penetrations through ground level walls, repair holes around doors, windows, water pipes, and baseboards.

Huge Roach found in my room!

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