Gromphadorhina Portentosa Facts

madagascar cockroach facts

Madagascar cockroach facts at the same time exciting & straightforward. Madagascar hissing roaches are one of the largest species of cockroach in the world. Generally, we can find them in forests or moist places. It is also called as the hissing cockroach or simply hisser. Madagascar hissing roaches are the only ones who can hiss.

This native one has some interesting facts. It usually is not available in our country but seen by a small margin. They are brown to black and in the maturity stage, it can 3 inches long. 

Because of its unusual ability to produce sound, it is also known as the fascinating insect. There are three forms of hissing roaches, The disturbance hiss, the female-attracting hiss, and the aggressive fighting hiss. Well, it usually is brown mixed with the black one. They have no wings like the others and can’t fly. It also has long antennae or horns. The horns are very narrow shaped. It can be grown up to 7 cm or 3 inches in his maturity level.

Most Interesting cockroach facts about Madagascar have no wings. They are excellent at climbing. Madagascar Cockroaches can quickly jump in any situation. Mainly it found in the forest areas, are not habituated to live in the houses. They usually like to live in a dry place where foods are available. Generally, they eat all kinds of foods but they like vegetables a lot. They also like to live in the vegetable areas where the plants can be grown in a maximum way. Typically, they don’t hiss. But if they face any hesitation or worried they hiss. It is a kind of weapon to save their life.

Scientific Name:

Madagascar roaches are very different from their lifestyle than the others. They are the hiss and have an unusual sound that differs from the others. They have many names. They are called hissing roaches or called simply insects. And their scientific name is “Gromphadorhina portentosa’. If you want to know what bug looks like in the picture of a cockroach here.

Madagascar Life Expectancy:

The life cycle of the Madagascar roaches is different from the other cockroaches. Generally, their life cycle is long from the other. Female Madagascar gives birth to the young. The lifespan has their stages -eggs, nymphs and the adult stage. The female one carries the eggs up to 60-70 days. One can produce 30-60 nymphs. In the nymphs stage, it looks like white. But day by day, it looks like brown to black.

After that, the nymphs are born; it takes a maximum of 7 months to become fully mature. In that stage, they are usually 0.25 to 0.5 inches long. Day by day, they grew up without the wings. In the maturity level, they got their hiss. It is a kind of weapon to protect themselves. They also have unusual sounds that differ from the others. They can live longer than others. They usually can live 4-5 years in their life cycle.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches habitat:

As we know, Madagascar roaches don’t have any wings, so they are very good at climbing. They can climb any place quite easily. Though they are expert in climbing, they like to live in the forest areas. They usually hate to live in the man zone area. They are very fond of living in dry forest areas where foods are available. Their primary food item is the trees leaf. They also find in the wood logs. They usually want to live separate from the others.

Madagascar Cockroaches also like to live nearby the vegetables are where vegetables are available. One of the most loved food items is vegetables. They are not like the other roaches who eat greasy foods. They like to eat fresh things. One of the most loved food items for them is the fruits. They love to eat fruits a lot. Whenever the leaf or vegetables are not available they are seen to take fruits from the trees. Though they are expert in climbing, they climb from one to another tree to bear fruits.

 Last, of all, they choose to live in those kinds of areas where foods are available like a leaf, vegetables, and fruits. They usually take dry foods. Their food items are small on the list.

Care Sheet

  1. The first thing to do in taking care of Madagascar roach is getting the right weel ventilation holes cage.
  2. Although they need to mate once, you should find the same gender preferable male partner.
  3. Give them vegetables as food. Also, you can give them dog food or cat food for protein.
  4. Put water in the cage so that they can drink whey they want.
  5. For stopping, they get out of cage put petroleum jelly around the cage.

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