Where Do Cockroaches Live in a House?
Where Do Roaches Live in the House

Roaches are the filthiest pest. It can hide almost everywhere in our house. Mostly it hides in damping places and crawls into our home through a sewer or over dead animals and decaying matters. It picked up germs with their legs and bodies that cause many diseases to contaminate foods, cutting cloths and can cause damage to many valuable things.

It also causes asthma and allergies. The cockroaches are mostly nocturnal. So it hides and feeds in dark and moist places. So most of the daytime it cannot be seen. Roaches need foods and water to live so that they choose their hiding places near the food supplies like most of the time they can be found in the kitchen.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Most cockroaches prefer to live and hide in the dark. During the day, you can identify noticing their infestation. The most common hiding places to find cockroaches are,

  • Dark spots
  • Moist places
  • Behind refrigerators
  • Under the sink or stoves
  • Inside the container
  • Damp places
  • Under the floor drains
  • Inside the motors
  • Narrow areas
  • Within the Wall Cracks
  • Beneath the rubber mats
  • Behind the wallpapers
  • Inside or under garbage cans
  • Near food prep areas
  • Inside the rotten wood or cardboard
  • Callings
  • Inside the water or sewer pipe
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen
  • Cabinets

How to Find Roach Nest?

You can easily find their habitats or nest by seeing some trails or signs. They always leave a trail near their nests or habitats. The cockroaches leave their dead faces near their nests or you may find the black spots of their footprints. You may also find musty scents, oval egg casing, and skin of cockroaches killed near their habitats.

How to Remove Cockroach Nests?

You can remove or destroy the cockroaches nest by taking the following steps-

• By sweeping the nest

• Calling the pest controller

• If you find their nest inside or behind your furniture, you may remove or replace your furniture’s placement

• By applying bait or gels can remove cockroaches nest

• Find roaches nest and interfere with their regular breeding

• To keep the household clean can minimize the chance of making the nest