Advion Roach Gel vs Combat

Do you know using cockroach bait gel is more potent than regular bait stations and traps? Its because the gel contains toxic chemicals that are very harmful to cockroaches. Even one hour or less than that, you can see the result. Moreover, only a small amount needs to kill the roach, and once you place the application, you do not need to apply it again as long-lasting and lasts for several months. The other advantage of using this paste gel is it can easily attract the roaches with its delicious ingredient and kill several insects in a single time.

Therefore today, we have Advion roach bait gel and Combat roach bait gel. We know like ours. You are also well-known about these two gel bait. However, you might don’t know which gel is more effective for which infestation. So, to clear this let’s check below and be sure which bait gel you are looking for?

Advion Roach Gel vs Combat

Advion Gel

Combat Gel

  • Active ingredient Hydramethylnon

  • Pet Resistant

  • No insect barrier

  • Odorless

  • May create stain

  • No Toxic chemical

  • Active ingredient is Indoxacarb.

  • Pet Resistant

  • Create insect barrier

  • Odorless

  • No stain Create

  • No Toxic chemical

Advion Roach Gel:

Advion Syngenta roach gel bait performs all types of roach and insect-killing including bugs, cockroaches, and insects. It has a high-consumption MataActive TM compound, a combination of bait matrix with the potent and non-repellent active ingredient. With Advion not only the toughest places are handles but also different food handing positions and open areas can also be controlled. It works unbelievably even after the bait gel becomes hardened and works for both insides outside, commercial, and residential.

Each pack contains one plunger and four tubes with 30 grams gels. The only problem with Advion is there is no manufacturing date in the package although it works seamlessly for two years continuously.

Combat Roach Bait Gel:

The first feature of combat max roach killing gel is that it starts killing large and small roaches within a couple of hours. As fipronil is its active ingredient, it has a long residual effect and lasts for the longest time if the gel is dry out. Consequently, it can directly inject the cracks and crevices and other cockroaches herbages. The hiding adult cockroach instantly starts coming out by the toxicants of food source and die immediately after eating that. In the same way, the other cockroach starts killing when they eat the dead cockroaches.

The package contains 2.1 ounces of gel and a syringe and lasts for six months. Although some people complained the roaches might appear again, if you are aware and do reapplication frequently, it won’t be a problem.

Similarities: There are lots of similarities between these two bait gels. For example the working system, applying method, applying location, safety precautions are the same for two products.

Differences: The main difference is for Combat, there is a chance to reappear the roaches within the validate time, but in Advion it will never appear. It happens for sometimes the cockroach becomes resistant with the active ingredient of Combat and not die. The other difference is Advion can stop reproduction of roaches but Combat cannot though it can kill a maximum number of cockroaches at a time. As for your assistance CHECK out our top pick comparison Invict Gold vs Advion

Final verdict: If you have the small to medium type of overrun problem at your house, you can prefer Combat bait gel but for large infestation definitely, go for Advion.