Bifen Xts vs Bifen It

Bifen IT vs XTS

In this Comparison article bifen xts vs bifen it, both contain bifenthrin in different ranges but both insecticides can kill nearly 75 types of insects. Although their active ingredient is the same, each product has different applying areas, and their features are also a little exceptional from each other. As an instance, Bifen XTS is an Oil-based product and can stain some surfaces. It can be treated in most areas outside. As it’s the oil-based product, it has a “chemical” odor but not that strong.

Whereas Bifen I/T is one in all our most well-liked pest control products. It’s very popular as mosquito control insecticide. Because it’s not a high concentrate, oil-based, sticky and odor base insecticide like XTS but its water diluted, less concentrated and odor-free light solution. If you have the most significant space to treat or need flexibility to manage other extra pests, I/T can be your alternative best friend.

Bifen IT vs Bifen XTS Table

Bifen I/T

Bifen XST

  • Active ingredient 7.9% Bifenthrin

  • Zero Odor

  • No IGR formula

  • Less Concentration

  • Water based Solution

  • Active ingredient 25.1% Bifenthrin

  • slight odor

  • Have IGR formula

  • Higher Concentration

  • Oil based Solution

Bifen It Reviews

It’s one of the foremost potent pesticides on the market. It contains medium concentrations of bifenthrin to regulate and prevent termite and other infestations. Additionally, this high-standard termiticide leaves a high residual impact that works for months. It’s also odorless and effortless, easy to use. Due to its various sizes, availability people can use it for both indoor and outdoor insect control. This product also employs Even licensed professionals and DIY owners against termites. It’s also used for an excellent perimeter treatment product with lasting residual effects as it developed with the poisonous ingredient.

You can use either a hose finish sprayer, a hand-held pump sprayer, or a backpack sprayer to use this correctly. As it can control the most robust area insects, you can effortlessly apply this in cracks and crevices. And it will be better not to use for a broadcast treatment for indoor areas. Meanwhile, for treating outdoors insects, you can apply to turfs, sports fields, lawns, flowerbeds, barnyards, perimeters homes, industrial buildings, below crawl spaces.

When combating creepy, wood damaging, or stinging insects, it could be an excellent weapon for you in hand. The other benefit of using IT is it doesn’t break down directly with rain once it bonds to the surface. There’s no downside compatibility with an alternative product like fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Bifen Xts Reviews

Like I/T Bifen XTS is also very popular and you can treat wood-boring insects like termites and carpenter ants with this pesticide quickly. This oil-based pesticide encompasses a water-resistant formula and does not wash away in the rain. Though it works excellent on wood-damaging insects, it also controls different pests like ticks, mites, etc. So, for managing and altogether preventing infestations in residential and commercial space, you can have a look at XTS.

How Does It Work on Insects? 

Its active ingredient is bifenthrin. And we all know this element does not straight off knock down the insects. Instead, it works by bit upon contact or body injections and permits other social insects to affect by it throughout the colony instead of repelling the insects.

Ok fine. Now, where can we use this powerful pest control solution? You can use this pesticide in every residential and industrial area wherever insects enter buildings or breed. With its waterproof formula, it stays for months and provides total control of insects. It also works as an excellent pre- and post-construction insect treatment and kills cockroaches and soil-dwelling pests at a lower place slab. It’s also knocked out termite and ants colonies and can target stinging insects such as yellow jackets and wasps. Also Investigating more details in to the products will help you with the understanding. For this you can check Deltamethrin vs Bifenthrin.

Conclusion: You can use both Insecticides to eliminate both residential and commercial insects. However, we suggest you get the best insecticide according to the infestation type.