How to Prevent Cockroaches in Bedroom

how to prevent cockroaches in home

If you are eager to know how to prevent cockroaches from entering your home or moving with you Just follow those simple ticks too. Cockroaches are one of the most annoying population in your house and anybody does not like them in their house as roach droppings cab be injurious to health. Nowadays everyone claims to have the best roach killer in stores. But everybody wants to Know How to get rid of cocaroach using home remedies because chemical treatment does not work well against it.

How to Prevent Cockroaches in Home

Most of them use chemical pesticide to get rid of Cockroach because of it instant result but it also harmful to your family, kids and pets. To kill roaches in a natural way is a slow process but effective. Below some effective natural way to get rid of it permanently. Also stop them to keep coming back.

  • Cleanness: You have to clean your house again and again. The more cleanness you have the less cocaroach in your house will be because it is attracted to your house food and if you do not clean your house than they will come to your house to search food. Also find out the what attracts roaches the most.Australian Wood Cockroach 03
  • Seal Up: You have to seal up all cracks and holes in your house. it can crawl up in your house with small spaces. So you have to block all the holes in your house.
  • Fix Water Leaks: You have to fix all water leaks in your house. they are attracted to moisture condition and if you have any water leaks in your house they will come to your house. The cochroach can survive a month by drinking only water without any food.
  • Use Natural Bait: If the infestation is high you can make natural cocaroach bait in your house. You have to mix three part of boric acid with one part of sugar. Sugar attracted them and boric acid kills them.
  • Keeping House Cool: You have to keep your house as cool as it can be because American roaches are in warm condition and if your house is warm they will enter your house.
  • Use Roach Killer: This could be the last option to use if you don’t have any choice to stop infestation in your house. pesticides could be dangerous if you don;t use it properly. Cockroach killer could harm your .pet but it won’t die of it. Most importantly pesticides could get rid of the pest as soon as one week.

Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

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