How Does Spectracide Work

how does spectracide work

Spectracide is a ready-mixed herbicide. It helps the house owners by restricting about 200 types of weeds and grasses in their yard. 

  • For a 500 sq. Feet 10 -12 spoons of spectracide and a gallon of water is enough.
  • Shake it in detail before spraying the mixture.
  • Spray it evenly along the targeted area.

 Mowing before two days of the application is prohibited. Take suitable precautions before spraying and change the clothes you used during the form. Wash hands thoroughly using hand wash.


Spectracide is an herbicide, concentrated on killing weeds and grasses. Formula assembles three different ingredients. They are 

  • diquat dibromide
  • fluazifop-p butyl and
  • dimethylamine salt

 Spraying on the plants, spectracide first comes into contact with the leaves and makes its way to the bottom roots. By this process, spectracide assures the complete exclusion of the plants. 

To safeguard the plants wanted, we need to use a cardboard or wrap the plants with plastic while spraying. If an accident, like mistakenly sprayed on the desired plants, wash them with cold water as soon as possible.

How long does spectracides take to work?

Once sprayed, the process undergoes very quickly, which is hard for our naked eye to catch. A yellowish color will be visible within 24 hours. The targets will seem wilt in 3 hours. The complete killing of the goals and the roots may take more than 24 hours as it is subject to the type of grass and weed, spraying rate and temperature.

How long does it take for spectracide to dry?

Spectracide is rainproof in 15 minutes after its application as per the manufacturer. But it’s heavily dependent on environmental factors. The best time to use spectracide is moderately sunny weather. It dries faster in the sunny season. Any pesticide or spectracide dries up within an hour. 

But considering the risks coming with the products, it is safer after 24 hours of application. Children and pets can roam around the lawn once the substance is completely dried. As the spectracide can be harmful to aquatic animals, we should consider avoiding the rainy seasons. Check out the ortho home defense instructions before buy.

How long after using spectracide can I plant?

At least wait 7-8 days after applying the spectracide. Then rake up the area and get rid of the thatch/debris. Completing this far, make a mixture of fertilizer and soil and then apply the mix to level the field. In the next step, we need to use seeds by the superintend package or we can apply sod. Seeds must have a good connection with the soil to grow with full potential. Keeping the land moist and using measured water will establish a fresh lawn with new plants.