Spectracide Sprayer Parts

spectracide parts

Spectracide, an herbicide designed to kill weed and grass, is leading its homogenous product line. It is non-selective when it comes to application. So the manufacturer advises spraying only on the target. Generally, the product is sprayed on the weeds and grasses. To ease this process of spraying, it comes with a sprayer popularly known as “Accushot.”


Spectracide is a ready mix chemical and very easy to use it. The sprayer makes it come convenient for the users. 

  • We have to unhook the sprayer from the casing and unwind the tube.
  • There is a cap on the top. We need to open the lid.
  • On top of the sprayer, we find a battery chamber wrapped with plastic. Unwrap the plastic to use batteries.
  • Twist the nozzle and select spray or one can select stream.
  • Must keep the sprayer on the level ground to have better accuracy and to avoid misleading sprays.
  • After the use, twist the nozzle back to close, remove the batteries if it is going to be obsolete for an exaggerated period and keep the sprayer in a safe, dry place.

How much spectracide per gallon?

The amount of spectracide depends on the temperature and the grass types. For instance,

  • 250 square feet lawn of Augustine grass only requires two tablespoons of spectracide for a gallon of water
  • Four tablespoons of spectracide needed in the case of bermudagrass. 
  • In case of, Zoysia grass 4-5 tablespoon of spectracide needed

The mixture of water and spectracide must be shaken before using it. The Ideal measurement is 6 ounce of it for a gallon of water. The cap has the size in it, so we can use the cap of the bottle to measure the required spectracide. Once sprayed, we have to wait till 21 days to respray and we can only use the product 2 times. Not sure how to use it. Check out the How to Use Spectracide Bug Stop.

When there’s spot treatment needed, adding two tablespoons of spectracide with a gallon of water is enough and it is ideal not to use a hose-end sprayer for spot treatment as it can affect the nearest plants too.

Who makes Spectracide?

The company is a private company. The builder and current CEO of the company are Darrel Gwynn. It was founded in 1960 the company supplies agricultural products to its customers. Although having fierce competition, Spectracide has held its head high, gaining more than 150k fans over social media. 

Its popularity is still on the rise because of excellent customer care service and performance-based products. The company that produces it is a role model for many new companies.

Where to buy spectracide?

Spectracide is a popular product in its market and readily available in the nearest store. The product is also available online. A most prominent online market place like Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot. “Spectracide HG-95703 Lawn weed killer, 32-Oz, ready to spray” costs 14.99$. You can buy it on Amazon for 7.04$. The product is a worthy investment keeping the benefits in mind.