Raid Max Bug Barrier vs Ortho Home Defense

While choosing an insect killer, you must know what types of insects you have at your house? Is this for both inside and outside? More particularly, you must be aware of the volume of the infestation like small, medium or large? Because according to the infestation you should buy the product and save your money. So, now we have two big solutions to insect killers from Raid and Ortho. Its Raid max bug barrier and Ortho home defense.

We already know, both are famous insect manufactured company in the USA and available in all types of bug repellent. However, there is some comparison also which you might don’t have any idea. So, to get you to know about that here, we have a detailed discussion. I hope you will be benefited from this and buy the best one.

Raid Max Bug Barrier vs Ortho Home Defense

Raid Max Bug Barrier

Ortho Home Defense

  • Perfect for German Roaches

  • List Item 2

  • Bottle Size 128 oz (small)

  • Squeeze and Spray

  • Validity of 12 months

  • Damaging Stomach & Nervous System (Killing Method)

  • Kill All Types of Insects

  • List Item 2

  • Bottle Size 1.1 gallon

  • One-Touch Spray

  • Validity of 12 months

  • Damaging Exoskeleton & Dehydration (Killing Method)

Raid Max bug barrier

It’s a great one-stop solution for eliminating several insects including German cockroaches. It comes with a variety of sizes with a long reusable trigger hose and remarkably performs an excellent job for destroying bugs and insects for both indoors and outdoors. No frequent reapplication required and works wonderfully for a full 12 months. To get the better result do not forget to clean the area before applying.

Ortho home defense

Ortho home defense is well-known for its insect protection barrier killing power. It also kills nearly 30+ types of insects, bugs and incredible for indoor and outdoor uses. It has got an Ergonomic handle, extension wand and a durable plastic container for easy application. You do not need to bend and get back pain or pump to make the finger fatigue. Just one touch spray and use for long 12 months.

Similarities: There are lots of similarities between these two excellent premier standard products. Both are odor-free, stain-free, non-porous and kills a large number of roaches and bugs. Both last for 12 months and helpful for inside and outside use. Both product reapplications are required only after three months and recommended for application in dry weather conditions. Checkout the top comparison Hot Shot vs Raid.

Differences: The main difference is ortho creates a barrier, and it lasts for three months, whereas there is no specification has given in Raid max. Prices, bottle size, and quantities are also not the same. Ortho has an extension wand to apply and raid has a trigger type hose. So, raid max used by squeezing the trigger, but the ortho barrier is used by simply pressing the button. As for your assistance you picked some popular comparison like Spectracide Bug Stop vs Ortho Home Defense available in the markets.

Final verdict: If you have a large area and looking for a quick pest prevention method, both the Raid Max bug barrier and Ortho home defense will work great for you. On the other hand, you should not forget to buy the best roach killer as per product specialty. We sure in this way you will be able to find the perfect one.