Deltamethrin vs Bifenthrin

Deltamethrin vs Bifenthrin

Deltamethrin and bifenthrin both contract insecticide. They come in Liquid (Bifen I/T), or granular products (deltamethrin) that can even be applied to an area are appropriate for insecticide use. With most products, the initial surface treatment may not eliminate all the insects located deep in lands and mounds, but routine re-application surely destroy most breeding colonies. Faster-acting contact insecticides like pyrethroid insecticides (listed below) complete surface activity for months, till 3 months.

Delta Dust Insecticide Review

The active Ingredient of Delta dust is Deltamethrin. It’s a long run residual dust that kills creep and flying insects. It also treated for up to long 8 months without any disturbance. Its odorless and non-staining and doesn’t clump, clog or absorb wet.

Additionally, 1 lb of Delta treats 1000 sq/ft approximately. This dusting formulation is waterproof pesticide dust. It works in the sorts of wet, moisture or damp locations where several insects prefer to live around sewer manholes and drains, or in the cracks and crevices, around damp lumber and in damp crawl areas. It’s the foremost standard and wide used pesticides in the world. Recently it has become vital to the people and as well as to the pest controllers.

Compare Table Deltamethrin vs Bifenthrin

Delta Dust

Bifen I/T

  • Active ingredient Deltamethrin 0.05%

  • Have Odor

  • Powder Form

  • Not Exactly Kills on Contact

  • 1 lb. could covers about 2,000 sq.ft.

  • Active ingredient is Bifenthrin 7.9%

  • Odorless

  • Liquid Form

  • Kills On contect (Yes)

  • 1 lb. could covers about 2,200 sq.ft.

How does deltamethrin work

This dust contains deltamethrin. It’s a pyrethroid, a synthetic chemical, and effects of the natural pesticide pyrethrin. It’s a broad-spectrum pesticide used for both inside and outdoors and kills target insects either through injection or direct contact by disturbing average production and performance of signals within the insect’s nerve system.

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Deltamethrin Safety

It is only a mildly toxic chemical and should not be applied directly to water. With this, caution must also be taken while spraying outdoors because this chemical is highly toxic to kill pest, bugs, and insects.

Bifen I/T Insecticide

An ideal pesticide for its tested performance against a large style of insect pests. Thanks to its main active ingredient, Bifenthrin (7.9%), Bifen I/T is a multi-insecticide. It is best for several targeted pests like ticks, fleas, earwigs, termites spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes and so on. It’s cheap, odorless, stain-free, dries clear, and it’s eco-friendly. Moreover, it is used for both inside and outdoors, on lawns, ornamentals, food-handling areas of commercial institutions as per applying direction. 32 Ounces of Bifen I/T can make 32-96 gallons of pesticides. Moreover, it’s a low price alternative compare to Talstar One and widely used in general spot, surface, or crack and crevice treatment.


Usually, Delta Dust Deltamethrin is more potent than Bifen I/T and works outstanding for spiders, bees and lots of other insects.

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