Diatomaceous Earth vs Cimexa

When your house belongs more to insects, bed bugs, and their infections more than to you, your one-stop solution is a reliable bed bug killer. Beg killers are quite tricky to handle; thus, not all of us are comfortable using these. Most of them are poisonous and leaves their tracks of infections for weeks.

Both the brands are the pioneering brands with their efficiency and safety aspects. The diatomaceous has been in the market for several years now and has been leading the customer preference. On the contrary, the CimeXa silica gel is relatively new in the market but has captivated a large fan base for its quick action. Both of the brands are manufactured in a manner to work directly on the exoskeleton of the insects.

The CimeXa dehydrate bed bugs and lead them to death; on the other hand, the D.E cut on the waxy cuticle. Besides other poisonous bed bug killers, our preferred brands are poison less and do not harm yourself or your pets.

Cimexa vs Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Cimexa Dust

  • Silica Based fossilized diatoms.

  • 10 days for 100 % mortality.

  • Non-Toxic and food grade

  • 85% Percentage of Silica.

  • Works best when mixed with other solutions.

  • Pure silicon dioxide.

  • 2 days for 100% mortality

  • Nontoxic also not food grade

  • 100% Percentage of Silica

  • This bug killer is a standalone killer.

Besides the similarities, these giant brands have some major dissimilarities as well. Firstly, the diatomaceous formulated brand is food grade dust that means this is the safest bed bug killer in the market. If your pet or even your children consume this mistakenly, they will be if not at all danger-free but relatively danger-free for sure.

On the contrary, as per the safety issue, the CimeXa lags. It is not food grade and less safe. Again according to the task efficiency, CimeXa silica dust is extremely quick even the quickest to finish its job. But the diatomaceous is slow and takes its time to work.For example, you can check out Diatomaceous Earth vs Boric Acid.

Diatomaceous Earth Short Review

A pure food grade bug killer that maintains human safety and destructive bug-killing at the same time. Though slow, it works with utter perfection. This product is extremely reliable and has been used for years now.


  • Works on bed bugs, cockroaches, nymphs, and eggs.
  • This formula is environment protective
  • 100% effective
  • Not only it kills bed bugs, but also it prevents a recurrence.

Cimexa Insecticide Dust Review

This residual bug killer is the fastest in destructive bug-killing yet nonpoisonous. Maybe the best addition to the remaining poisonous brands is that this product is considered the most effective one in the market.


  • This formula is Non-staining.
  • Works within 24 to 36 hours the fastest among all the other brands.
  • It is considered to be better in killing bugs than any other brand.
  • The pure silica formula clings to the bugs’ cuticle till death.