How to Use Spectracide Bug Stop

How to Use Spectracide Bug Stop

The instructions spectracide bug stop pretty merely. First of all, check the product level to understand best. Here we will guide you step by step. Before using the spectracide bug stop in the infested area, wear gloves before starting the spray.

As it contains the toxic ingredient, Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Wash everything after handing it and before eating. Call the poison control center if you feel unhealthy. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse if you like to check out our expert Comparison of spectracide bug stop vs ortho home defense.

Spectracide Bug Stop Using Instructions

  • First of all, shake it before use.
  • Crack and Peel the cap sticker.
  • Flip the top cap and open it.
  • Then Pull black hose tip to extend tubing completely.
  • Slowly press black hose tip into the opening in the cap until it snaps into place.
  • Hold sprayer below the container and prime level by pumping trigger several times until product is dispensed.
  • Adjust the nozzle to the desired setting. Use product level instruction for best fit.
  • Then Spray it in the cockroach-infested area.
  • Avoid the food, feedstuffs, and domestic water supplies while spraying.
  • Avoid the treatment area until it dried.
  • To store, turn sprayer nozzle off after the spray.
  • Please don’t disconnect the hose, store it as it is.
  • Return sprayer to its slot.
  • The hose can be pushed back into a sprayer handle.

Pets should not be allowed in spray areas until spray has dried. Could you not use it in the Raining season?

Spectracide Bug Stop Ingredients

Main Active Ingredients of the Spectracide are Gamma-Cyhalothrin which is 0.025% & Other Ingredients 99.975%. It comes with two variant size. One gal & 32 fl oz can.

Does Spectracide Bug Stop Kill Bed Bugs?

Not only spectracide kills bed bugs in your house but also a list of other insects too. Its target pest are cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, ants, clover mites, crickets, cigarette beetles, confused flour beetles, red flour beetles, rice weevils, sawtoothed grain beetles, dermestid beetles, firebrats, waterbugs, silverfish, earwigs, box elder bugs, centipedes, millipedes, stink bugs, pillbugs, sowbugs, scorpions and spiders and many more. To understand more about how does it work check our post How Does Spectracide Work

Spectracide Bug Stop Warnings

Warning or the spectracide bug stop safety feature comes first if you are new to using it. Please read it carefully before handling it. In here we will discuss the top safety feature. As it contains the toxic ingredient, we should avoid getting contact with Skin, Eye, and clothing. Reuse the cloth after washing it.

If you get in contact with it, clean with plenty of water and get medical attention. Spectracide Bug Stop is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. To protect the environment, don’t allow it to enter the storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters source.

Is Spectracide Bug Stop Safe for Pets?

Although it contains the toxic ingredients but spectracide utterly safe after it dried, so it will be wise to wait until dries. So don’t let your beloved pet allowed in the treated area until it dried.