Advion vs Maxforce

There are lots of roach control products available. For example, you can prefer roach control bait, spray, different kits, IGRs even some free granules. These types are mostly products that can be found in liquid, fogging, wettable powder, dust, bait, aerosol, foam, granule, and non-repellent form. However, whatever or how the products are made that is not the main point. Your main concern should be the infestation growth and the practical product to control it entirely. With this, you should also bother its using system, quantities, and the maximum time you can use it.

Therefore by considering all the matters, we have two amazing, incredible performance roach control gel products. They have got extended validity such as Advion roach gel bait and Maxforce FC Roach bait gel. It’s worth of medium to a large type of infestation as gel baits can reach the deepest place and helpful to wreck the pest colony. That’s why we have chosen the bait gel formula for roach elimination.

Advion vs Maxforce Table

Let’s go with some similarities and differences between these two roach killers and see whether both are the best.



  • Active ingredients Indoxacarb 0.6%

  • Good For Heavy Infestation

  • All types of roaches

  • Pet Safe

  • Validation Time 3 months

  • Active ingredients is Fipronil 0.01%

  • Good For Medium Infestation

  • Best for German Roach

  • Pet Safe

  • Validation Time 2 years

Advion Roach Gel Bait: 

Advion is particularly well-known for killing 130+ bugs including insects, roaches, etc. it also has five years long warranty if the tube is closed, but it also works for full one year if it’s open. Apart from indoor and outdoor, it can also be used in food handling areas such as a bakery or any fast food shop. Although it works for a limited time, it can destroy the entire cockroach population as well as control the irregular growth.

Maxforce FC Roach bait gel:

We can say Maxforce FC Roach bait gel is the fastest gel bait which works on contract formula and kills a maximum number of roaches including American cockroaches, palmetto bugs, German cockroaches, etc. it comes in newly packed and works commercially for continuing two years for both indoor and outdoor roach killing activities. One point should note that you must keep the bottle tightly close every after use and clean the place before place.

To get the best results to avoid applying in moisture, dirty, or filthy area. But this does not mean that you cannot enforce in the dustbin or in the garage which is not possible to clean always. To remove the heavy infestation, you can also use there, but in this case, if they get bait, get contaminated reapply the fresh one.

Similarities: As both are bait gels the applying system, roach killing system and working methods are also the same. Furthermore, both bait gels applying locations (deepest place, corners or crevices where hands cannot reach) and prices are almost the same. You will see the number of tubes, plunger (1 with each packet) and the quantities of gels (40 gms) are also the same as max force and advion bait gel.

Differences: The primary difference is its active ingredient that is Maxforce contains 0.01% fipronil and Advion, contains Indoxacarb 0.6%. Again, Advion can use for five years and one year, if the tube opened through, it’s no label in the bottle and Maxforce, can be used for two years continuously. You might also be interested in Advion Roach Gel vs Combat.

Final verdict: Finally, after lots of analysis, it’s evident that both Advion and Maxforce are the standard product for cockroach killing. But which one is better its truly depends on the user’s choice, budget, and, more importantly, infestation.