Raid vs Hotshot

Have you ever face horrifying reality of scuttling cockroaches around your living room or even crawl onto your face when you are sleeping? If you have already experienced and want to come out with these nasty pests, then we have Raid and hotshot- two common types of roach killer baits and spray for you.

Do you know or not, but these two are the consumer reports best roach killer. Even we also agree with it. But which one is the best and effective? To find out this, we have compared both and share the result. So, let’s check out and see the secrets.

Which Is Better Raid or Hot Shot



  • Penetrates & Kills Hidden Bugs

  • Kills on Contact

  • Coverage up to 2,000 cu ft.

  • Fresh Floral Scent

  • Protection Time Up to 2 Months

  • Kills Roaches, Fleas, Ants, Spiders (Except Fire Ants)

  • Kills Hidden Bugs.

  • Kills on Contact

  • Coverage Upto 2,000 cu ft 

  • Spray smell Lemon

  • Protection Time Up to 2 Months

  • Listed bugs it Kills Ants, Roaches & Spiders

Raid Fogger Short Review

Raid baits and spray both works well on roach elimination. Particularly if you have a severe roach problem and need to stop the breeding or production system of insects raid, especially baits used. The baits placed room corners, walls, dark places, under kitchen cabinets. The cockroach feed the baits, go back to the nest and die. Other roaches eat that and die afterward.

It works best and superb for three months and destroys the entire nest within a week. For fast-action Raid, sprays used. Its applying formula is natural as it kills on contract.

Hotshot Fogger Short Review:

The using system of hotshot baits and spray is the same as Raid. The lures are available in liquid form and easy to use. But it contains attractant which lasts for three months. It also destroys the egg colony and shows better results within some days. Sprays of hotshots also work in an actionable way. The hotshot spray kills germs and used both indoors and outdoors.

Similarities: There are lots of similarities between hotshot vs Raid. If you choose baits both create no messy, lasting, kills several insects at a time, comes with a variety of colors, sizes and start killing within an hour. But the no of baits and bait stations varies with the package. Both bait and spray are child-resistant, and you have to maintain some precautions while using it.

About spray Raid and hotshot both kill insects on contracts utterly. It’s used for small infestations to get the quick output, although hiding insects will not die via sprays.

Differences: The only difference between Raid vs hotshot that we found is the size and price variation. So it depends on the user’s choice and requirements. Another thing is the hotshot provides a money-back warranty where Raid doesn’t. Here is a Comparison for you if still not decide yet Bengal Roach Spray vs Raid.

Final verdict: Lastly, as we have given you a depth idea about hotshot and Raid spray and baits products. I hope our comparison will help you to select the suitable one.