How Do Foggers Work?

How Do Foggers Work

Foggers are created with a mix of various chemicals to control the insect’s situation in a home. They have relatively powerful ingredients in them, which kill the roaches and insects after coming into contact.

The core substance is Pyrethrin, which comes from chrysanthemums. Along with many other materials, permethrin is also added. Methoprene is added to some of the powerful foggers. Later two ingredients are insecticides designed to eradicate roaches.

The Fogger can be bought in a sealed can. When the top of the box (seal) is removed, the Fogger is then activated. It emits insecticides into the environment, and slowly it spreads on both surfaces and air. Roaches coming in contact with the components are killed.

Before using Fogger, safety is given the highest priority. Safety measures are the most critical factor in the individuals in this case. So Before activating, double-check all the safety measures to be extra careful. If you are looking for the best roach fogger, I suggest you check our raid vs hot shot Comparison.

How Many Foggers Do I Need?

The amount of foggers needed for a home depends on the area it consumes. 1 oz of foggers will cover an area of 1000 cubic feet. For an apartment of 1200 square feet, two cans will be enough to be effective. So before activating it calculate the area and the amount needed for space. It is a significant measure. There is a widespread belief that the more, the better. In this case, it’s not.

Overusing insecticides will dampen the area and react with the home environment. Too much presence of pesticides will make the roaches harder to kill as they are adopting the situation. Check out the How to Use Roach Fogger Properly Here. 

Do I Have to Unplug My Fridge to Bug Bomb?

Yes. To avoid any unwanted accidents, it is better to unplug your fridge. Why? Suppose you look into the materials used to make foggers. In that case, you will witness some powerful chemicals coming in together to operate this bombing procedure. These elements are highly flammable. In the operation of bug bombing or fogging, most attention is given to safety.

Foggers instruct the situation as ‘anything that creates a spark, Turns it off.’ Air conditioning unit, Room heater, Fan, TV, etc. As for the Fridge, It commences on a cycle, on and off. There is a logical possibility of ignition or spark. As the Fogger is activated in the open space inside the home, they can come in contact and create explosions. Don’t be afraid of the mass it creates. Check out the article on how to clean up after a bug bomb.

Many consumers may argue that they didn’t turn off the fridge, and nothing terrible happened. This is not a rational argument to make. Why would you compromise your safety for such a silly reason when a clear indication of danger is written in the instructions?


Now that you know how roach foggers work and how to use them properly, you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are the right solution for your roach problem. Always follow the instructions on the label and take all safety precautions to avoid accidents. If used correctly, roach foggers can be an effective way to get rid of roaches.