Advion vs Invict gold

Recently the uses of cockroach gel bait have improved both indoor and outdoor. Where regular roach baits/ traps cannot apply in moisture place gel baits can work efficient way due to their non-repellent active ingredients and highly attractants in moisture place. Moreover, it’s also cheap, compact and portable, relatively safe to use or apply and has a low, moderate hazard.

Thus, we have the two well-know most customers who wanted effective gel bait named Invict gold gel bait and Advion cockroach gel bait. Both gel baits are excellent and can damage the entire roach colony. However, there are some differences we also noticed. So, to know the correct information, let’s check out the comparison and find which one works best.

Invict Gold vs Advion Comparison

Invict Gold

Advion Gel

  • Active ingredients Imidacloprid

  • Effective For German Roach

  • Bait size 4x 35 gm

  • Squeeze and Spray

  • Validation Time 3 months

  • Active ingredients indoxacarb

  • Effective For any Kind roaches

  • Bait size 4x 30 gm

  •  One-Touch Spray

  • Validation Time 2 years

Invict Gold Cockroach Gel Bait

It is famous for killing German roaches and can start killing within 20 minutes of application. Generally, when insects eat the gel baits, it blocks sodium channels in their bodies, creates dehydration, and let them die slowly. Imidacloprid is the active ingredient of Invict gold and lasts for a whole three months. It also has 11 attractants that attract the German roaches by following the fast-acting formula. Furthermore, you will get four tubes to contain 35 gm gel and a plunger in a packet.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion cockroach gel bait kills not only German roaches but all types of bugs and insects. For this reason, it has a versatile application. But everywhere applying process is the same. Just put a single thin line and put a small gel bait by giving 3 inches gap. Remember you are not supposed to put a more significant amount as the roach will not eat that.

┬áThis gel can apply in hard to reach areas including any surfaces, corners, etc. Advion is called “all in one single product” because it’s a high consumption bait that cockroach cannot resist. The main ingredients are potent and non-repellent and powered by the MetaActiveTM compound. It can control the most hardened growth of roaches and lasts for the most extended two years without any residual effect.

Similarities: The primary similarities between these two gel baits are their working system in roach body, application system, no tubes (4 tubes) in a packet, kills both large and small roaches.

Differences: There are lots of variations. But Invict is only bait is best for German roach killing where advion kills all types of cockroaches. Other differences are the amount of gel, price, active ingredients, validity and overall the efficiency of gel baits. Also For example, you can check out Demon Wp vs Demon Max.

Final verdict: Finally, if you have a massive infestation, you can go with Advion but if you particularly have German roaches, select Invict Gold.