Bengal Roach Spray vs Raid

When you search for the best professional roach spray, you will come across the Bengal Roach spray and the Raid Roach Spray. These two brands are the most prominent in the market and are bearing an even decade-old legacy of excellence. Both the brands are highly efficient and leave a smile of relief in your face on every use. Though they have similar performance values, these products have some individual features as well.


They approach differently in their way of working as the Bengal roach spray kills the roaches slowly and on the other hand, the Raid spray kills insects on contact. Both the products are highly poisonous, but the Bengal roach spray maintains an odorless usage on the opposite the Raid spray has a stinky odor. To get an elaborated discussion on the Bengal gold roach spray vs. Raid topic, follow the content below and explore more about these effective cockroach sprays.

Bengal vs Raid Spray

Bengal Spray

Raid Spray

  • Active ingredient is Permethrin.

  • Don't have any Odor

  • Spray Wand
    Not available

  • Effective Period is 4 weeks

  • Does not leave any stain behind thus not messy at all

  • Kills slowly, takes almost 24 hours to kill roaches 

  • Active ingredient is Cypermethrin.

  • Has Stinky or floral odor

  • Available for better reach

  • Effective Period is 6 weeks

  • Quite messy as it leaves a stain behind

  • Kills on contact, 

Bengal Roach Spray Review

Dissimilar from all other conventional sprays, the Bengal gold Roach spray has to offer something in the higher dimension. This dry aerosol comes with an active ingredient that eventually helps to provide 100% work efficiency. Though this spray does not kill roaches on contact it takes time and kills them steadily. It will mostly take 24 hours to kill all the bugs in your house and makes it infestation free. But one must be careful of applying the product to the affected areas.

This aerosol, apart from all other sprays, does not leave any stain or doesn’t have an odor at all. This is a great bonus must say. It also works on the wet spaces like in sinkholes.


  • Odorless, mess-free effective roach killing
  • The formula does kill not only cockroaches but also kills other common bugs of the households
  • It prevents further spreading of the infestation

Short Review on the Raid Spray

The Raid spray is probably the strongest one in the market. It has a genius formula that works immediately on the roaches. Not only on the bugs but it works quickly on other insects as well. If you want to see a quick result, you don’t have any choice than picking this item. One needs to apply the aerosol either on the roaches directly or on such places where the pests are mostly seen. This product kills insects on contact within 5 minutes.


  • It comes with an additional wand that helps to reach the most difficult corners.
  • It has a foul odor at the same time it is incredibly useful.
  • It can even kill the mosquito.

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