Termidor SC vs Taurus SC

Termites are the very secretive enemy without any dough. It penetrates the house from the foundation, and very quickly, they empty all of the house’s internal wooden floors. For this reason, if you want to eliminate the termites from your home Termidor SC and Taurus SC would work as a best friend.

Because termites do not repel and in most of the cases, they don’t even sense the chemicals present in the infested area. That’s why these two products work best. Because they are non-repellent and killed the termites instead of repelled and this is how they used for termites spot treatment of the structure.

Taurus SC vs Termidor SC

Moreover, you don’t even need expensive equipment to treat the area. Some predicate tools are available in the hardware store for applying liquid termite pesticides, and you can use that for self-applying. However, for heavy infestation, you might need to call the professional exterminator to destroy termites.

NameTermidor SCTaurus SC
Product Image
Active ingredientFipronil 9.1%Fipronil 9.1%
UsabilityBoth Outdoor and IndoorOutdoor use only
Pet’s friendlySafe for pets and children once driedSafe for pets and children once dried
FormulaSolution basedDIY -formula
ValidityMinimum 3 monthsMinimum 3 months
ManufacturerBASFControl Solutions

Termidor SC Short Reviews

Fipronil is a chemical and widely used for termite control. Termidor SC is such this type of most popular termiticide fipronil. It’s the only Termiticide that provides 100% effectiveness against termites anywhere, including colony elimination. It first used in the USA for termite control. As it shows a 100% result over 90% of the test sites, people started to continue for excellent termite control. Its active ingredient is fipronil. Fipronil kill’s termites instantly and also produces a transfer effect to passed from worker termites into the main colony.

It is well-known as the most effective termite control chemical in the market and used by all Pest Control companies. It is also very toxic for pests and humans and pets and is applicable for outdoor use only. It kills the termites either by contract or by injection.

Taurus SC Short Reviews

One other types of fipronil based termite insect killer are Taurus SC. It’s a “post-patent” type of Termidor. Control Solutions, Texas, USA manufacture it. It usually comes in low-cost compare to Termidor but works outstanding. Because its active ingredient, “Fipronil” is made in Israel and not the same as USA fipronil, used in Termidor. But the overall effectiveness and performance of Taurus are similar to Termidor, but the color is slightly different.

Another point is Taurus SC has less odor but its not odd. It’s undetectable to insects and does not kill immediately. Its root out pests from unreachable sources like under rocks, roof tiles or underground and woodpiles.For similar kind of comparison, Here is a sneak peak of Bifen It vs Talstar P.

Conclusion: After all the discussion it’s evident that both Termidor SC and Taurus SC made of the same ingredient and both works best on termite control with other pests elimination. But only the brand is different. So, it depends on the user’s choice to get the right one.