Spectracide Bug Stop vs Ortho Home Defense

Undoughtably insects and small bugs are harmful to any house or workplace. As they spread poisons and illness rapidly through biting or sucking they are considered to be the most irritated headache to any homeowner. Therefore, for them, we have come up with Ortho home defense MAX insect killer and Spectracide bug stop home barrier comparison review.

We know both are the well-known product for roach killing but do you believe there must be some small difference. To show that difference and to help you find out the best roach and bug killer out of this two we have plotted this.

Ortho Vs Spectracide Comparison Table

NameOrtho Home DefenseSpectracide Bug Stop
Product Image
Kills on ContactNoYes
Dry QuicklyYesYes
Odor FreeYesYes
Active IngredientBifenthrin 0.05%,
Zeta-Cypermethrin 0.01%
Gamma-Cyhalothrin - 0.025 %
Target PestsCockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Spiders,
Ants, Aphids, Bees, Beetles,
Caterpillars, Ticks, Termites More
Cockroaches, ants, crickets, beetles,
mosquitoe, waterbugs, silverfish,
stink bugs, scorpions, spiders More
Ready to UseYesYes
UsabilityBoth Indoor and OutdoorBoth Indoor and Outdoor
Protection time12 Month Indoor & 8 Month outdoor12 Month

Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer:

Ortho home defense is a bifenthrin concentrated formula and works outstanding for destroying ant, roaches, spiders and 130+ other insects and bugs. It can use for both indoor and outdoor surface including basements and garage. For indoors, it works great for full 1 year (12 months) but for outdoor it might less according to weather condition. Although it’s toxic but less irritating for human skin.

Spectracide Bug Stop Home Barrier:

Spectracide bug stop home barrier generally works on in contract formula. That is, it has especial trigger by which you can apply the spray directly to the insect’s body, and they will die instantly. It’s also a gamma-cyhalothrin toxic concentration ingredient which can eliminate any kind of insects and bugs. It comes in different spray bottles or gallons and lasts for 12 months for indoors and nearly 8 months for outdoor uses. It’s actually a long-lasting ready-to-use and overall an instant solution for heavy infestation.


Both insect killers manufactured by famous brands and available in different sizes of bottles. For user comforts both come with extension wand and necessary trigger. Both are odorless and doesn’t strain much. The price, amount, validity are almost the same. If you consider applying system and precautions both comes handy and effortless.


The main difference what we have found is its using method. Spectracide works on contract basics whereas you have to wait at least one week they get the best result from Orthor home defense. Another pointed note is spectracide maintain non-porous (not stain or sticky the surface) method but Orthor might keep some stickiness as it’s a solution. The final point is spectracide is a dry solution, but ortho is a concentrated solution.

Final verdict:

Thus, the final verdict is up to you. We have compared everything clearly to make the right choice. But we expect you will like it and decide accordingly.

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