Bug Bomb Safety Precautions

Bug Bomb Safety Precautions

bug bomb safety

Living in an apartment full of roaches is a struggle that no one wants to put up with. To eradicate these problem foggers or bug bomb is a widespread technique. These products may be an effective solution to this problem but it has its dark sides as it is made of harmful chemicals. So before applying roach (tat fogger), there are some definite safety measures we should take.

  • Measuring need- Not using more than needed is the way to use these products. Using a massive amount in a small space can make the area miserable 
  • Food and stuff for food preparation- These items have to be treated with care as you consume or prepare food from this stuff. All the plates, knives should be covered with plastic if possible. If any food is still there, you better take it out of the house. 
  • Pets under control- Pets should be kept in a safe place away from the operation area. Pets will face difficulties breathing as the chemicals will harm the respiratory system. Put your aquarium out of the house. 
  • Limit electricity reach- Unplug all the devices like TV, Fridge, AC and so. Unplugging them will assure you that there will be no possible spark from these appliances. 
  • Keep distance- The manufacturers say that it takes 2-4 hours to complete the bombing procedures. They also add a definite time in the instruction telling you to keep out of the house for that time. This notice applies to all including pets. Anyone going in during the period should wear safety clothes.
  • Notify the neighbors- Give prior notice to your neighbors about the pest control activities. There are some measures they can take too.
  • Careful using it- Be careful using the bug bombs. Compressed chemicals can be a dangerous thing if not handled professionally. If you are not up to the task, it better to take professional help. If you are still confuse then i can suggest you to check bengal vs raid fogger.  

Bug Bomb Poisoning Symptoms

Pesticide poisoning is not that rare. People worldwide using pesticides often don’t measure the risk associated with the product, exposing them to more significant health risks.

Anyone exposed to the dangerous chemicals should go to a doctor or look for the symptoms. Quick action can help reduce the damage. Signs are apparent and can be observed by others.

  • Over sweating
  • Vomiting, or
  • Still eyeballs

These are the symptoms that should be treated as soon as possible. There are symptoms when the victim has to identify himself like a headache, dizzy feelings, nausea, etc. Consulting doctors for treatment is the wisest way to deal with bug bomb poisoning. First you need to learn how to use roach fogger so that you did not caught in that situation. 

What will happen if you inhale a bug bomb? 

Inhaling bug bomb is a severe issue. Anyone with a respiratory problem is not allowed to go near the activated bug bomb. 

Inhaling bug bomb will affect the respiratory system the most because it will reach the blood vessels and the lungs in a flash. Inhale in a significant amount can damage our throat, vocal arrangement. Lungs are affected most which can lead to internal bleeding. Coughing blood is a symptom that you have inhaled enough chemicals to be severely affected by it.

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