How to Use Raid Max Bug Barrier

How to Use Raid Max Bug Barrier

Long-Lasting Raid Max Bug Barrier comes with a 12-month bag barrier protection. Its unique design to kill the German cockroach but work on all type of insects. It comes with the different variant as your need.  You have to follow some simple step to use it.

  • Identify the most infested area in your house.
  • For outdoor: Spray around doors, windows, and home’s foundation.
  • For Indoor: Spray indoors along floorboards, door and window frames.
  • Spray outdoors around doors, windows, and along with your home’s foundation
  • Squeeze trigger and spray until the area get slightly wet but very wet.
  • If necessary, repeat the treatment one in a week.

Raid Max Bug Barrier Ingredients

Main Active Ingredients of the raid max bug barrier ingredients cockroach killer is the Deltamethrin (0.03%) & Other Ingredients (99.97%). Deltamethrin plays the main role while killing the roach.

How Does Raid Max Bug Barrier Work

Raid Max bug barrier defense marker acts like nerve gas and paralyzes insect nervous systems, The pyrethrum in the fogger stop all muscle activity like breathing and heartbeat? As the fact cockroach can’t move & die slowly. Although it is very toxic to the insects, it is almost harmless to pet.  You can also check out the raid max bug barrier msds too.

Raid Max Bug Barrier Safe for Pets

It’s not petting safe until it dries. So do not allow children or pets to enter the treated area until it has dried. After that, it’s completely Pet safe. also, keep out the raid max out of the children reach.

How long does it take to work?

Raid max kill cockroach on contact. Also, it kills the hidden bug in your room which is hidden in the crack or any other place. You don’t have to worry about the hidden insects. But it won’t kill bed bugs.

How to Refill Raid Max Bug Barrier?

First of all, hold the bottle with one hand and turn the yellow sprayer nozzle anti-clockwise so that it peels off. Remove the cap slowly. Lift the empty container to the refill with the new one you purchase. Then you can refill the empty one with the refill. To put it back on, turn the yellow sprayer nozzle clockwise to line it up.

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