Ortho Poison Ivy Killer vs Roundup

Ivy and brush are enough to ruin your gardening admiration, but the Ortho and the Roundup ivy killers stand by for your rescue. These two giant brand work on massive ivy and brush killing, as well as these brands, manufactures products to destroy every kind of pests.


The non-selective pests and ivy killers work on a vast range of pests, bugs, ivy, and sturdy brush. No matter how severe or poisonous the ivy is, these brands have shown their excellence against them over the years.

Though both the brands share some common ortho max poison ivy, they have some individual specifications. The Ortho poison ivy tough brush is the fastest in the market. On the contrary, the Roundup may not be the quickest brush killer and kill weeds, but it kills even poison ivy within 24 hours. Also it is one of the best weed killers on the market. To know a prolonged comparison on these two pioneer brands, follow full content.

Ortho vs Roundup Poison Ivy Killer

Ortho Poison ivy killer


  • Active ingredient Triclopyr.

  • It is harmful to pets

  • It becomes rainproof after 2 hours

  • This ivy killer gives results within 2 to 3 hours

  • It is effective for almost a year

  • It produces a bad smell for the initial hours

  • The active ingredient of this ivy killer basically works on foliage and then goes to the roots. This way it kills all the harmful plants and even pests.

  • Active ingredient is Glyphosate.

  • It is harmful to pets

  • It becomes rainproof after 30 minutes

  • It gives results within 24 hours

  • It never lets to regrow the plants

  • it does not produce bad smell

  • The active ingredient of this ivy killer works on the perennial and goes into the wax of the leaf. This product gradually reaches to the roots and kills the plant and also prevents further spread.

Ortho Poison Ivy Killer Review

This strongly concentrated formulation is active on a massive range of pests along with the most robust vine, woody trees, kudzu, poison oaks and ivy, creepers, and so on. It is the best solution to use when you have an uncontrollable growth of the harmful plants.


  • Works within a few hours
  • Work better in sunny weather
  • It can be applied in homes, trails, and fence lines.

Short Review on the Roundup

Within a short period of one or two weeks of application, there will be zero existence of the harmful plants. This is probably the most economical formulation to prevent malignant growth around your garden.


  • Works with 24 hours
  • Valid on poison Sumac, ivy poison oak, kudzu, and different type of other vegetation.
  • It can penetrate through the waxy leaves as well.

Both the products are highly poisonous, thus demands careful usage. The roundup ivy killer though being non-selective cannot match the level of massive killing of the Ortho ivy tough brush killer. The Ortho can kill almost 60 different types of pests, ivy, weeds and tough brush within the shortest time possible. For example, you can check out Raid Max Bug Barrier vs Ortho Home Defense.