Best Bug Bomb For Roaches

If you are like most people, you probably hate roaches. They are disgusting creatures that can spread disease and ruin your home. If you have a roach problem, it is time to take action! There are many different roach foggers on the market, but not all are effective. This blog post will discuss the 10 best roach foggers on the market and explain why they are so effective.

Roach Foggers Short Reviews

We advise you to buy according to your problem status and the budget limit. There is also a question about long-lasting and no reapplication for which we believe our advanced product implements the best. Finally, you can also check the price details and complete the order form here to make the worth use of your money.

Best Overall: Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger “This cockroach fogger can kill hard-to-reach hidden roach areas like cracks and crevices. Most of all, it will not leave a messy wet residue after using it.”

Best Indoor Fogger:  Zodiac Room Fogger “With 7-month re-infestation protection, It Can Kill fleas, ticks, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and silverfish.”

Bedbug & Flea Fogger: HotShot With Odor Neutraliser “No mess odorless this fogger can kill roaches on contact. Keep killing hidden roach up to 6 months.”

Best Spectracide: Bug Stop Indoor Fogger “The non-staining formula will not harm furniture, sheet, or others in your room. Effective for both flying & crawling insects.”

Tat Concentrated: Home Pest Control Foggers “The lemon-scent formula can treat roaches, fleas, ants, spiders, silverfish, mosquitoes, house flies, brown dog ticks, and firebrats.”

Best Pro Control: Total Release Fogger Bomb “Residual of this fogger will continue to kill roaches for up to 8 weeks. Don’t use it in the common living areas near kitchens or food-handling areas.”

Best Indoor Fogger: Black Flag Concentrated Indoor Fogger “Control various household pests like roach, ant, fleas others. Guaranteed to work or your money back. See product label for details.”

Roach & flea fogger: Bengal gold roach fogger “Dry fog, No odor, no mess treat up to 6,000 cu. Ft per can. You cause it anywhere like food or nonfood area.”

Ready To Use: Real Kill Indoor Fogger 6 Pack “Box with six containers is designed to care for all unwanted bugs in your room. Per can cover up to 2000 cubic feet.”

Hotshot fogger: Hotshot no-mess fogger “Deeper-reaching, dry fog technology can kill the hidden bugs you don’t see.No need to turn light off.”

Top 10 Roach Fogger Reviews

Finally, we suggest reading the instruction level where the room size has been written plainly and buying according to your room size. Hereafter, by keeping all these reasons in mind, we will introduce you top 10 best cockroach foggers for the apartment. We expect this will help you purchase the right and excellent roach bombs.

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger Reviews (3 Count) 

First, start with one of the most customer #1 choices for deep reach formula is Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger. As the name mentioned, it works as the best roach bomb for the house in deep reach areas such as cracks and crevices, sinks whole, walls, secret kitchen areas, drawers, etc.

It works instantly as soon it enters the hiding place, and the roach starts from their colony. Not only this, it came in 3 different sizes, two-pack, 2 and 3 counts, and lasted for two months. So, you can say it is a cheap and long-lasting roach fogger on the market.


  • These roach foggers consist of concentrated formula. It is enough to use a tiny amount instead of making big fume in the room.
  • It can kill almost all types of residential pests and insects if you do not spray them in the contract.
  • It delivers unbelievable performance in secret and hiding places where you can do spray. The roach started coming out within a second.
  • As most insects live in a colony and breed there, you can kill roaches by doing less work.
  • Apart from this, it is non-sticky, but the smell is not good enough.
  • Its validity is two months for a medium-size room.


  • Applicable for several insects, including fleas
  • Creates a robust defense system to prevent outbreaks
  • Use crannies, upholstery, carpets, nooks, and tiny places where bed bugs hide.
  • Two-month constant residual mechanism expert killing-action
  • For complete elimination of insects, it enters hard-to-reach areas.
  • Works perfectly on wet and stubborn surfaces
  • The room must be 25 feet by 25 feet to get the best result.
  • High-performance intense formula
  • It kills fleas plus spiders, roaches, and ants.


  • Not applicable for a large room.
  • The fogger emits very quickly.
  • It contains odor.

Zodiac Room Fogger, 3-Ounce, 3-Pack

Our 2nd fogger works prominently to eliminate all types of roaches, including fleas. It is Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger. As we know, fleas are the most dangerous insects for pets. It spreads the harmful virus to the pets and makes them fall sick easily. In this case, Zodiac works fine. One of the main features of the zodiac is you can use it continuously for seven months.

It also has a long-lasting rigid container and a smooth nozzle, making the roach bomb spray out nicely. So, feel free to purchase zodiac as it can take care of mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, etc., for a long time and ensures this will not reappear.


  • It is the best roach killer fogger for large infestations and covers 1125 square feet.
  • It is called dual-action. That means it consists of two powerful active ingredients (Permethrin) and Methoprene. Permethrin is a powerful insecticide for killing even the smallest cockroaches, while Methoprene stops the growth.
  • It also destroys the ant, flea, bug & roach eggs, larvae, and total life cycle of any insects with the IGR active ingredient.
  • Regarding cleanness, it will not leave any odor or tacky mess.
  • Though it works on fleas effectively also kills ticks, ants, cockroaches, and silverfish effortlessly.
  • Although with many positive aspects, some believe this is not appropriate for the total elimination of roaches while fogging for the first time.


  • Stops flea re-infestation for a maximum of 7 months.
  • Treats large areas.
  • Non-staining and powerful.
  • Protects home for a long time.
  • No cleaning hassle.
  • Economical.


  • It may be harmful to health.
  • Uncertain efficiency.

Hot Shot Fogger for Roaches No-Mess!

Hot Shot is a well-known pest-control fogger manufacturer with almost all types of pest-killing formulas, including baits, gets, and spray. Out of a lot of variety, we prefer Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger, especially for the busy mom. As they will not have extra time to clean all the dirty mess. We know that cleaning dead insects or chaos is time-consuming after using it. So, by using the no lot fogger from Hot Shot, you can easily avoid this unwanted job.

Additionally, it performs on contract varieties insect killing and hidden insect-killing within the shortest possible time. You cannot believe it enters the insect’s nest and flushes out them, producing an odorless smell. Plus, it is not harmful to pets and plants, so if you want to make your sweet home bugs-free and mess-free, choose HotShot No-Mess! Fogger and become free of tension for a minimum of 6 weeks.


  • The bug bomb kills instantly on contract.
  • Destroy all types of insects, including hidden and unhidden.
  • It is called the deep concentrated-reach dry fog formula.
  • It controls odor and provides an aroma smell.
  • It covers a large area of nearly 2000 square feet.
  • It comes in a 1.2 OZ fogging bottle.
  • It can control nearly 15 insects and bugs including water and dry place insects, and stop reappearance.
  • As it is a pet-friendly solution, you can apply it in pets’ sleeping areas, basements, garages, good stores, cabins, etc.
  • Not necessary to switch off lights while applying. It can work incredibly, even in intense sunlight.


  • Not sticky and messy.
  • It contains no stain.
  • It can reach deep, dark places.
  • Best for a large area.
  • It Works efficiently.
  • It can get rid of roaches effectively.
  • Dry-fog formula.
  • Convenient to store and use.
  • Ideal for any place both dry and wet places.


  • A bit expensive.
  • It cannot kill bed bugs, American roaches, and fire ants.

Hot Shot Fogger Review with Odor Neutralizer

Our 4th selection is for those who have a severe allergy problem. Sometimes they may get savior sneezing and even breathing problems because of a heavy odor while applying. Thus, we have a Hot Shot Fogger With Odor Neutralizer to solve your unwanted problem.

We believe your expected fogger must be helpful and health-oriented rather than make you sick because it leaves a mist fragrance and clean scent with an appealing feeling. What’s more? Its activation time limit is eight weeks and is available in 6 green and blue color packs.


  • It contains 75% Cypermethrin and can destroy almost all types of vermins except fire ants.
  • It neutralizes the odor by spreading a mist smell. Therefore, no dirty smell no allergy again.
  • Best for indoor insect killing and eliminates all types of insects.
  • It kills on contact until they die because the user directly uses it in insects’ bodies.
  • Additionally, it keeps killing for spontaneously two months. Hence, you can do daily use.
  • It gets rid of the hidden and shabby place bugs also. But for that, you need to apply that carefully to the roach body.
  • It penetrates hidden places (cracks, crevices) and carpet fibers. So, use this in a small place too.
  • It won’t leave a wet, messy, and untidy residue, so you can apply it in the sink pipe or tap area if it is infested.
  • One cane can treat a maximum of 2,000 cu ft, which is quite large.


  • On-contract killing system.
  • Non-staining.
  • Odorless
  • Mild natural.
  • Liquid-based formula instead of concentrate-based.
  • Ready-to-use always.
  • Deeply enters hard-to-reach places.
  • Applicable for small and medium-size rooms.


  • Not kill hatching eggs.
  • It does not control bed bugs.

Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger Reviews

Have you ever think why fleas are more dangerous? Naturally, it used to eat non-human hosts. Still, they started eating human and pet blood when their infestation became heavy. And on top of that, they can survive nearly two months without food. So, the situation becomes complex when our sweet home and lovable pets are affected by stupid fleas, and we cannot take the necessary actions to remove them permanently.

Here is good news for you. We hope you can say TATA GOODBYE to your home enemy fleas if you use Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor roach Foggers by Spectracide. Out of a hundred, we have chosen Spectracide because it works the best bug bomb and reaches the deepest place of cracks and crevices. As its targets are to maximum bug-killing, it stops insect growth and kills them spontaneously by attacking their colony.


  • It is the best indoor fogger or aerosol with 2 OZ in Size.
  • It kills even poisonous hidden bugs and other flying insects without staining.
  • Scented, no unpleasant odor
  • Water-based solution and will not stain upholstery or carpets.
  • For residential use only.
  • Contains 0.4 percent Permethrin and 0.05 percent Pyrethrins
  • Simply apply for an area and return in the next 2 hours.
  • Leaves no stink or wet residue
  • Kills in a fast, actionable way on contact
  • It Kills roaches, water bugs, palmetto bugs, fleas, crickets, ants, moths, spiders, silverfish, and ticks.
  • Keeps killing and destroying for up to 6 weeks
  • Covers a maximum of 2,000 cu ft of free space


  • It has unstoppable 2 hours of fogging time.
  • It has a non-stain formula and would not leave a residue.
  • It also leaves no odor.
  • It is easy to use and performs best in the basement, attic, plus even garage.
  • Fast-acting and eliminates contact.
  • It comes in a reasonable budget.
  • It is used to destroy the total life cycle of insects.
  • Unbelievable for indoor use.


  • It does not control flying insects.
  • Works comparatively small areas.

Tat Concentrated Fogger, 3-Count

We want to reduce the fogger cost as it is always necessary for our home. For this reason, sometimes we get surprised by seeing the expensive price tag and choose something cheaper. However, it may not give the best output, again reappearance of insects, and cost more. Therefore, we also have a solution for this and have come up with TAT 31100 Concentrated Fogger from United Industries, which you can get at a low price. GETTING SURPRISED!

But it is accurate, and it contains a very concentrated solution. Thus, only a small amount is required, and long-lasting. It can use for nearly seven months without re-infestation. Moreover, it is based on the “Total Release Formula,” which means completely eliminating roaches. It performs better compared to other expensive foggers and leaves a lemony scent.


  • It is excellent for everywhere uses, including homes, garages, apartments, attics, cabins, basements, campers, boats, and other areas.
  • It has a 3-canister in 1 pack, and each package can cover a maximum of 2000 square feet area.
  • It follows the comprehensive release treatment. This treatment is more extensive and compelling compared to other roach-killing methods.
  • It does not make any undesirable odor and provides a lemony sweet, light smell. Thus, it also works as an air freshener.
  • What else! Its expertise and the advanced system are enough to destroy pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, houseflies, etc.
  • It also eradicates the hidden bugs from cracks, crevices, and carpet fibers.
  • It’s a concentrated fogger and lasts up to 7 longer months.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Powerful and efficient.
  • Long-lasting and no stain.
  • No odor and returns fresh air.
  • It Kills insects from the deepest place.
  • No re-infestation again.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • You must leave 4-5 hours your home after spraying to get the best outcome. It’s a long time comparatively.

Pro-Control Plus Fogger 1 Case (12 x 6 oz. Cans)

Our next choice is the ProControl Plus Total Release Fogger roach Bombs. We can guarantee one of the best indoor foggers, consisting of 5 major highly poisonous chemicals. It is generally used for the large infestation in ample food storage, hotels, motels, commercial or industrial buildings, significant transport like ships or airplanes, etc.

Consequently, it works on the Total Release method and uses it for residual rescue. It’s convenient to carry, easy to use, and works effectively in several insects. Likewise, there is also a separate cap system around the nozzle for extra nozzle protection and to keep the opening tight or smooth. Therefore, you can use it for a long time, and there is no harm if your child mistakenly touches the bottle.


  • It uses triple active and active ingredients (Pyrethrins 0.5%, Piperonyl Butoxide 4.0%, and Cyfluthrin .10%). It attacks the nervous system of insects, eventually leading them to die.
  • As it works on the contract system, all pests instantly die and make others die consequently.
  • However, the substance is not poisonous to humans and pets. It only works against fleas. Therefore it works as a synergist to eliminate all bugs and insects.
  • Each pack contains 12 cans and no hassle of applying.
  • We can say it is outstanding for heavy to most massive infestation. It can treat up to 5000 square feet of area simultaneously.
  • It works potently for bees and German cockroaches. Thus, you can use fleas infestation also.


  • Do-It-Yourself pest control solution.
  • The compulsory choice for house owners and pest management professionals.
  • Unbelievable for most substantial infest growth.
  • It covers a large area.
  • Do not leave any lingering odor.
  • Multiple insect killers.


  • It cannot destroy the insect’s life cycle.
  • Applicable for only indoor users.

Black Flag Indoor Fogger Review

Are you frack out of German or American cockroaches at your home? As these cockroaches spread quickly, you may face an unwanted, annoying situation if you do not protect them. However, eradicating these pesky insects is not an easy job. We have come up with Black Flag HG-11079 6 Count Indoor Fogger.

It is fabulous for killing German cockroaches as well as fleas. Although it is a potent weapon for destroying all types of bugs, if you want to remove their hatching eggs, then go for Black Flag. Nothing else. It is good to know that it has many models, but we prefer the HG-11079 model due to its actionable instant indoor act.


  • It is called a dual-action. Because first, it kills the hidden bugs by entering the hidden place (cracks and crevices). Second, it can destroy their living and breeding places in both dry and wet areas.
  • It is perfect for indoor places such as apartments, basements, attics, garages, household storage areas, pet living situations, etc.
  • You can use it simultaneously on non-porous surfaces for a maximum of 12 weeks. Within this time, the cockroach will not reappear for sure.
  • Like another, it can also treat up to 2000 square feet area, but it can sometimes finish the insects out of the measured area.
  • The big pack contains 24 foggers with four individual packages and six foggers in each packet. Therefore, invest once and enjoy it for a year.
  • It will also not create any wet residue mess or stain the place. In return, it provides a pleasant floral smell.


  • Long-term protection.
  • On contract formula.
  • No dirty smell.
  • It does not stain or create a messy effect.
  • It produces a floral scent.
  • All insects are killing formula.
  • Safe to use.
  • Applicable for both indoor and outdoor.


  • It’s challenging to set up.

Bengal Roach and Flea Fogger Reviews

We know you are here to find the best bug bomb for roaches for your suitable home or office. Therefore, let’s check out another most popular Bengal concentrated roach & flea fogger. Although customers like Bengal spray much more fogger is also one of the fabulous products you can think to have. Mainly it is made on a money-saving idea. That is, it is not working on the contract.

Have you ever thought there is a chance to waste more spray on the contract if you do not know to apply appropriately or apply in the wrong place? As insects used to crawl over the place, sometimes it becomes too tough to use directly on their bodies. So, we have Bengal concentrated roach & flea fogger for those who already face this problem. On the other side, it is a budget-friendly and long-term solution. You can use it for a maximum of 4 months.


  • It is a dry now staining formula. So, it is super comfortable to use on walls, floors, or even bathrooms.
  • As it contains permethrin(a harmful active ingredient) no need to kill the insect on contact. It works automatically even without a deal and brings out the insects from hiding. Then they die of chemical effects within some time.
  • It also produces a pleasant smell and maintains an odorless environment like another expensive one.
  • Cleaning is also handy because it will not make any messy residual situation at home. You do not need to put lots of effort into it.
  • The chemical has a long-term effect. Thus, it is enough if you do reapplication once a month.


  • Dry lightweight fogger.
  • Concentrate formula.
  • It can work to kill 24 types of insects.
  • The expiration time is extended. 1-4 months.
  • Safe for indoor use.
  • Do not need to add extra water.


  • It does not perform contract killing.

Real-Kill Indoor Fogger 6 Pack

Our last product is new on the market and is excellent for indoor uses. It’s called Real Kill Indoor Fogger 6 Pack by Real Kill manufacturer. Real kill has other traps and baits products, but fogger is the best from all sides. So, if you are a newly facing roach problem, you can use Real Kill Indoor Fogger from right now. This will help you not to get infested, and in the same way you can kill those hassles by investing a little.


  • It Kills all types of insects, bugs, and butterflies.
  • Reapplication is required but not frequently.
  • Great affordable price.
  • It lasts for a long.
  • Each pack can treat up to 2000 cubic feet of area, and that’s quite large.
  • Easy to use application.
  • It is mainly designed for roach elimination.
  • Odorless and Water-based formula.


  • New but powerful and effective.
  • Target to kill all insects.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Simple applying process.


  • For small pest problems only.
  • It cannot destroy the whole life cycle.

What Is the Average Price of the Best Roach Bomb?

The price of the best indoor fogger for roaches starts from $5 and goes up to $20 depending on the amount and size of the bottle. Therefore, using a fogger would be wise if you have a small house with a heavy infestation.

How Do Foggers Work on an Insect’s Body?

As soon as the fogger is applied to the room, it instantly enters the insect’s body via breath. The fume creates suffocation, and the pest can hardly breathe soon because of severe breathing problems. So, using the best cockroach fogger for those who want the best performance within the shortest time would be suitable for them.

Do Bug Bombs Work on Roaches?

It has become a big question if you have the plan to use a fogger in a prominent place. The small quantity fogger cannot cover the big spot, and performances decrease. On the other side, killing a roach on the contract is also a big issue as some roach fogger offers to kill the insects on contact. So, if you can apply to the agreement, it would be superb. Otherwise, you may get the average result.

Do Foggers Kill Fleas Instantly?

No, they don’t kill the fleas instantly, but any cockroach fogger will kill the room fleas if you use it. If you bug bomb a room, all the disgusting insects like cockroaches, spiders, and fleas will be killed.

Can I Bomb My Car for Roaches?

Suppose you use any fogger to kill the roach in your car or truck. It works without any doubt. But we recommended not to use it in the car. Because it makes your vehicle smelly for a few days, also secure your seat and other staff dizzy. We suggest using any bait or spray to get rid of any cockroaches. Don’t just make this too complicated.

Our Suggestion:

There are many options available for the best roach foggers insect killing. Out of that, using fogger or bug bombs is considered the “Work Fast” method. It is generally used for heavy or medium infestation. Although some fogger works to destroy insects colony permanently, some cannot do it.

If your cockroach infestation is out of control, we suggest you call for a pest control expert. This site is affiliated with product vendors. We get a commission if you click and buy from those vendors. You can get a Free Inspection from the expertSome foggers are based on water solution, and some come in concentrate formula.

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