Professional Bug Spray vs Store Bought

Professional Bug Spray vs Store Bought

To eliminate roaches from inside or outside of the house, most people prefer different bug sprays. As bomb or insect repellent works so fast and produces the fastest result within some hours, people choose this instantly. Even we also advise using spray mainly if you already got a heavy infestation.

Because other roach killers suppose bait stations, traps, bait gel may take you a long time to deliver the best result. However, complete elimination of insects is not possible via it. But it does not mean you will see the cockroaches on next day. If you can plan to use spray weekly once a week, we hope you will get your desired result. It is especially applicable for Store-bought or does it yourself pest control products.

But if you have a heavy infestation in a large area, you can prefer professional bug sprays and called an exterminator. Usually, they use more powerful and effective bug repellent or apply the different method to destroy the insect’s entire life, including their nests, food, and shelter.

Professional Bug Spray:

A professional-grade pesticide or bug spray not used for any specific pest elimination. It destroys all types of bugs and overall creates a shield for a couple of months, even years. Mostly in USA Pyrethroids, Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, Hydramethylnon, Fipronil are used by the professional exterminator.

All registered and licensed the pest control company and agency used these chemicals to perform pest control. Early Chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and different organophosphates are used, but it was obsolete later on because of slow-acting on insect body.

Store Bought Bug Spray:

Store bought bug spray means different aerosol or spray type roach killer that used for one species only. Such as combat, hotshot, harries roach killer, and so on. Generally, they last for 3-6 months and suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor.

They kill insects on contract with no residual effect and also produces a nice lemony or floral scent. Its best for small houses or spaces because it cannot destroy the whole family of cockroaches. But frequent uses can stop infestation temporary.


The first similarities of these two pest control product are both made from chemicals. These chemicals are not organic. Indeed they are dangerous for pets, plants, and humans. So, You must use safety precautions while using any products. Apart from this, both spray creates barrier protection to the house or workplace.


The main difference is Store-bought spray used for a small area, and professional one is suitable for the most considerable, most significant area. Again, the solution concentration, quality, quantity, price, execution, availability are different.

The main difference between Professional Bug Spray and Store-Bought Bug Spray is the concentration of chemicals. Professionals use a more powerful and effective bug repellent or apply different methods to destroy the insect’s entire life, including their nests, food, and shelter.

Final verdict:

The first thing for selecting professional spray or call an exterminator is the price range. Although they provide long-term service with no self-applying hassle if you are facing small or medium bug problems right now, we suggest you buy easy-to-use Store bought spray.

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