Demon Wp vs Demon Max

Demon Max vs Demon WP

demon max vs demon wp

Demon max and demon wp both are multipurpose insecticides that can be used inside in crack and crevice, deepest place and also outdoors for both general pest control and termite control. Their dual action perimeter application with the active ingredient (cypermethrin- 25.3% for max) and (cypermethrin- 40% for wp) are used to eliminate pest’s habitat. These can be used for pre- and post-construction insect treatments in residential and industrial structures as a soil application, wood surface, injection treatment, or foam application.

Demon Wp vs Demon Max

Both insecticides are labeled to manage the subsequent pests: ants, crickets, fleas’ flies, cockroaches, centipedes, ticks, wasps, and lots of additional insects. But for effective management, use 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water. See label for field use rates and directions for termite control.

Demon Max

Demon WP

Active ingredient Cypermethrin 25.3%

Active ingredient Cypermethrin 40%

Specially used for Termite. Can be used for any type of pest.

It can control Termite. But Can be used for any type of pest.

Liquide Form

Powder form

Can be used Botanical Insecticide

Not For Botanical Insecticide

Can be used in both Commercial and Residential Area.

Can be used in both Commercial and Residential Area.

Mixing Ratio Is 1.3 - 5.1 Oz. per Gallon of Water

Mixing Ratio Is 0.33 Oz per Gallon of Water

Manufacturer By famouse Syngenta

Manufacturer By famouse Syngenta

Demon Max Insecticide Reviews

In an easy-to-use liquid type Demon max insecticide could be a nice insecticide for householders and professionals alike. Its active ingredient is cypermethrin (25.3) would be used for any business applicators in, on and around building and structures for the management of listed pests, together with lawns and landscape uses. For subterranean harmful termite control, this product used by people, companies licensed, or registered by the state to use termiticide products.

Furthermore, it’s is a proven tried-and-true general pest control product and also a verified termiticide and also a stable soil against termites. This insecticide binds to soil and other organic matter decreases the probability of application space and into water sources. So it’s better to apply this in hot weather when rain is not predicted for at least the next 24 hours. This also makes sure that wind or rain doesn’t blow or wash it off the treatment space.

Demon Max Mix Ratio: 1.3 – 5.1 oz. per gallon of water (1 – 4 gallons per 100 gallons of water).

Demon Wp Insecticide Reviews

Each foil pack of this insect powder comes in water-soluble Packets contains four packets of Demon wettable powder (WP), and every pack makes 4 gallons of liquid spray. Its convenient, easy-to-use wettable powder insect powder for eliminations of cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, and 30 other general pests.

It contains 40% cypermethrin, and it’s renowned for this strength and speed. These professional insect killers can provide you with everything you like to tackle. It has an easy-to-mix formula accessible in soluble packets and can knock down any pests within an hour. It also has high insecticidal activity, long-lasting control, and low volatility.

Furthermore, it can be used both inside and outside and authorized by the USDA. You can use it for long 2-3 months as a spray formula. But use all that you combine in your sprayer. Like most insect powder concentrates, it not impediment during a water resolution. To see the label and mix accordingly. Also For similar kind of comparison, Here is a sneak peak of Advion vs Maxforce.

Demon Wp Mix Ratio: 0.33 oz. Per gallon of water (1 – 4 gallons per 100 gallons of water). Or per packet per gallon of water.

Conclusion: Although both are indeed an excellent insecticide, it depends on the user of where to use and how long they want to use the product.

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