Boric Acid vs Borax for Ants

You may be wondering, “Boric acid vs borax for ants? What does this mean?” Well, it means we are going to take a look at two different substances that you can use in your home to kill ants. The first substance is boric acid and the second is borax. But before we get into which one of these substances is better for killing ants, let’s talk about what they both do.

Boric acid and borax have many similarities but also some differences. For example, they both kill insects when ingested or touched by them; however, only boric acid kills fleas on contact while neither will work against ticks. Who knew there was so much to know about these two seemingly simple household items?

Boric Acid vs Borax Table


Boric Acid

HARRIS Borax Ant Killer

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Spread bait in large area for maximum effectivenes

Can easily eliminate some of the hardest pests to fight

Kills All Common Household Ants

Safe to use on a variety of surfaces

Its a naturally occurring mineral powder ant poison,

Odorless Pest control

Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency

Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency

Kills the Queen and the Colony

Its help you to kill the colony

It start will kill the ant within 48 hours

start working within 24 Hours

Kills sweet eating ants, or sugar ants. These include Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, Little black ants, Pavement ants, and many others

Can kills roach, ant, water bug, flea, silver fish and more

Main Difference

Both are perfect for killing ants but only boric acid will kill fleas on contact. What can be confusing though is the difference in labeling. The packaging of a borax product may say that it includes some percentage of other ingredients, such as sodium carbonate or citric acid- neither are toxic to ants but they make up for what’s lacking when using one over the other and don’t interfere with its function.

On the contrary, much like any scientific formula, boric acid has none of these additives and therefore needs nothing else added to work effectively against ants. The final thing we want to mention about both substances is their toxicity level: both have low risks (especially if used properly) so you won’t need gloves nor goggles while handling either one; however, you need to follow the product instruction manual.

In-depth Comparison

In this section we are going to look at the in-depth comparison of boric acid and borax. Borax is a popular means for killing ants, it can be found easily in your local grocery store or hardware store; what you may not know about this substance though is that it does not kill on contact but rather requires ingestion by the ant (meaning they need to eat it). When ingested, Borax will stop them from being able to digest food which leads eventually their death due starvation.

In contrast with Borax, Boric Acid kills almost instantly. Unlike Borax, Boric Acid doesn’t have any additives so consumers are assured that using just pure Boric Acid won’t impact its effectiveness while also eliminating anything else potentially harmful substances might do that.

How does Borax kill ants

In the section we are going to talk about how Borax kills ants. Borax is a natural mineral with insecticidal properties that has been used as an alternative to synthetic pesticides for decades and is one of the safest ways to kill and control household pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, silverfish etc.

When ingested by insects it disrupts their digestive system causing death due starvation because they are unable to digest food. This compound does not work well on contact but rather needs ingestion which means ant must eat it in order to be killed (which isn’t always easy since most use taste receptors before anything else).

How does Boric Acid Kill Ants

Unlike Borax however boric acid will instantly kill them upon direct contact – meaning if you pour it in the area where you see ants , they will die. This is because boric acid reacts with the moist exoskeletons of ants and forms a chemical that causes cell death.

However, since it’s not always easy for them to ingest this compound directly (especially in dry form), another trick can be used which involves sprinkling liquid boric acid on sugar or granulated sugar. This creates an adhesive solution where ants are likely to eat some along their travels but also giving you time before they start dying off so you have more control over how many insects there are going into your home or property each day.

Borax vs Boric Acid: Which Is More Effective?

Since Borax contains sodium and while boric acid does not – when it use to the effectiveness against ants there is no clear winner. Boric acid can be more effective in some residential settings, while Borax may do better over a large property (e.g., agricultural).

But for both substances it’s important to note that they are not considered toxic substances and the risk of an allergic reaction or poisoning is very low when used according to directions so you don’t have anything to worry about if you’re using one instead of the other – just use whichever seems like it might work best under your particular set of circumstances.

How To Use Boric Acid: The Borax Method

For this method, mix together borax with sugar or powdered sugar at a ratio of roughly two cups per pound and sprinkle them around where ants you saw in your home. Repeat as needed to create a fine barrier that ants won’t be able to cross.

How To Use Borax: The Toxicity Method

For this method, mix together borax and sugar or powdered sugar according to the same ratio of two cups per pound but sprinkle them around where you saw your ant problem in your home – don’t worry about creating an actual barrier because the idea here is for those pests who come across it to have just enough time before they feel any ill effects so that they can scurry back over the border into their own territory without dying on our turf.

If we repeat this procedure often enough then eventually there will be no more ants coming back at all because they died from what would have turned out if we hadn’t have a huge colony.

How To Use Boric Acid: The Coating Method

For this method, mix together a half cup of borax with an eighth teaspoon of sugar or powdered sugar and then spread the mixture in whatever cracks you might have found ants coming out from. This is one that’s much easier to use because it can be done as a preventive measure before any ants even show up at all – they’ll just go back home without ever setting foot on your property again. For those who only want to get rid of some pesky critters but not completely eradicate them for good then this will do nicely!


In conclusion, both methods each come with their own rewards and drawbacks so you should evaluate what would work better for where you live based on the ant infestation in your house.

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