Bugs That Look like Cockroaches but Aren’t

Some bugs that look like roaches but aren’t. You can’t identify the difference without looking at deeply. Cockroaches are one of the ancient insects all over the world. Bugs and roaches are similar to each other but they are entirely different. They are often mistaken for their common characteristics, looks, and size. Most of them are in cockroach size.

Bugs That Look like Cockroaches

Some of the bugs look like roaches but do not Here are Some of the bugs that are like cockroaches are given below. Those bugs’ life cycle is also different from that cockroaches’ life cycle.

June Bugs:

Cotinis nitida is also known as “June beetle” and “May beetle”. People often make mistakes with each other. If you are familiar with June bugs, then you can differentiate between them. June bugs are harmful but annoying. They don’t carry diseases but the roaches carry diseases.

Ground Beetles:

Carabid beetles are also known as ground beetle. Carabid has more than 40,000 species in the world. People often mixed oriental roaches with ground beetles. Both are black and shiny. Ground beetles are harder than oriental. They can bite but the cockroaches normally don’t do. They can fly in a long-range but the oriental can’t.


The scientific name of crickets is Gryllidae. It is a kind of bug that look like cockroaches. They usually are smaller than roaches. Both have a soft body. Crickets are not harmful but the roaches can be very harmful.it creates a sound like cric cric.

Boring Beetles:

It is also a kind of bug. At first glance, it will look like cockroaches. They have the same body shape. Cockroaches can run faster but the boring beetles can move more quickly.

Water Bugs:

Water bugs are also mixed with water bugs. Water indeed bugs a look like them but they are entirely different from each other. Water bugs live in water. Both have wings. While roaches have six legs but water bugs have two pairs means four legs.

Asian Longhorned Beetle:

With the same color and exoskeletons, the Asian longhorned beetle looks like a roach. But they are more significant than any other cockroach. their antennae can grow from a body up to 4 inches long.

At first glance, you have mistaken it for the American cockroach. Are you afraid of all those bugs too? Good news for you, we review our best roach bomb for house see here now.

Palmetto Bug

Palmetto bugs are one of the most significant roaches. They can grow up to an inch and a half long. Cockroaches are afraid of them. They are not aggressive but can bite if you try to catch them. Palmetto bugs are not dangerous to humans, but they are a nuisance.


Termite is a wood-destroying insect. It is hard to differentiate between cockroaches and termites. Both have a similar body shape. But the termite has long and narrow wings while the cockroach has short and broad wings. Termites are more dangerous than cockroaches because they can destroy your furniture and house.


We often mistake one bug for another. It is essential to know the difference between them so that you can take proper action. Some of the bugs look like cockroaches, but they are not. June bugs, ground beetles, crickets, boring beetles, water bugs, Asian long-horned beetles, and termites are some of the bugs that look like cockroaches.

But they are different from each other in many ways. So, don’t be afraid of them and take proper action. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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