Combat Vs Combat Max Gel Bait

Combat Vs Combat Max Roach Gel is a popular topic for many people. If you are in the market for roach control, then there are two options that you will come across: Combat and Combat Max Roach Gel.

This article has compiled all of the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about which product is more suitable for your needs. We have compared both products, pointing out similarities and differences to help guide your decision-making process.

Combat Vs Combat Max Table

This Table will explore the differences between two popular insecticides, Combat and Combat Max Gel Bait. It will also discuss which product may be better for your particular needs.


Combat Max

It Contains Fipronil As Active Ingredient

It Contains Fipronil As Active Ingredient

Kills Roaches You See And Those You Don't

Fast Control Of Even Large Roaches

Easy To Use, Long Residual Action

Easy To Use, Long Residual Action

Place Bait Where You See the Roach Generally

Place Baits About 1½ Feet Away From Another

Pet Safe If You Use As Described in Label

Pet Safe If You Use As Described in Label

Kills Roaches 24/7 For Up To 6 Months.

Remain Effective For Up To 12 Months

Use Bait Gel In Common Places Where Roaches Appear or Hide

You Can Set Up It Under Sinks, Behind Toilets, Appliances And Other Place

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Especially Formulated for Any Type of Cockroach. Starts Killing Overnight.

Especially Formulated for Any Type of Cockroach. Starts Working In Hours.

Why Compare?

The first and most obvious difference between Combat and Combat Max Roach Gel is the size. The two products are not available in the same container sizes, which may be a factor if you need to cover larger areas or want to save money by buying in bulk.

Additionally, both gels come with different active ingredients: Fipronil for Combat. The difference in active ingredients will vary the effectiveness of these products, so be sure to note which one you want before purchasing.

The last notable difference is that the Combat product has a color indicator while Combat Max Roach Gel does not—the only thing that differentiates the two is a label change in content.

As a pest control company, we’re always on the lookout for new products to distribute. We’ve recently been asked by Combat Roach Gel about their product and how it works with our customers.

Combat is another brand of roach gel that has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its effectiveness towards combatting cockroaches and other pests. The Combat Roach Gel is a different formula of the original roach gel that we distribute, and according to their web site it’s been “proven 100% more effective than our competitors”.

Combat Max Roach Gel Review

Combat Max Roach Killing Gel attracts roaches with food and water. The gel will start killing them in a few hours. It can be best placed in small spaces, like cracks and crevices. Then this will kill roaches.

Combat Max Roach Killing Gel kills both large and small cockroaches. This bait can be used inside or outside your home. Put it in places with a lot of bugs, and they will eat the bait.

  • Starts working in hours.
  • Fast control of even large roaches.
  • For hard-to-reach places, such as cracks and crevices.
  • Long residual action.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

How to use Combat Max Roach Killing Gel

Combat Max Roach Killing Gel has a few different ways you can use it. The first is to put the gel in areas with many bugs, like cracks and crevices. It’s best for hard-to-reach places as well–just make sure that there are roaches nearby so they will eat the bait.

  • Remove the cap from the tip of the container. Touch the tip to a surface and press on it.
  • First, use gel in 4 spots or several lines. Make sure to put the cap back on the tube when you are done.
  • To get rid of roaches, put small pieces or droplets of gel near where they walk. Gel can be placed in cracks, crevices, corners and spots where roaches occur.
  • If it is no longer visible after one month, reapply.
  • Put new stuff on the screen after 3 months. Clean it up with a wet paper towel.

Active Ingredients

Both Combat and Combat Max Roach Gel has Fipronil as the active ingredient. The Combat product contains Indoxacarb and Pyriproxyfen, which are very effective at killing roaches. This is because the ingredients work to slow down their nervous system so they cannot run away from baits or any other traps set for them.

Target Pest

Combat Max Roach Killing Gel is designed to kill a wide variety of cockroaches, such as German roaches and American roaches.

It will also kill other insects like spiders and silverfish. On the other hand it also best for killing German roaches. This means that it may not be an effective option for you if your house has more than one type of roach.

In conclusion, Combat Vs Combat Max Roach Gel can be tough to decide on which product will suit your needs best. The most important aspects to consider are what size you need and whether or not the active ingredients of each gel work for you. A color indicator would also be a helpful feature.

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