Hot Shot Fogger Odor Neutralizer Reviews

With the myriad of pest control solutions available in the market, it’s daunting to pick one that promises effectiveness without leaving a mess or an overpowering smell behind. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger with Odor Neutralizer, which I recently put to the test in my home.

Key Feature
This table will help you understand all the key features of Hot Shot Fogger.

Key Feature Description
Product Name Hot Shot® No-mess! Fogger With Odor Neutralizer
Formula Type Dry fog
Residue Nonstaining, No oily residue
Odor No lingering odor
Coverage Area One can covers 2,000 cu ft of unobstructed space
Application Areas Enclosed spaces such as apartments, attics, basements, boat cabins, cabins, campers, garages, homes, sheds, etc.
Insects Killed Kills carpenter ants, spiders, fleas, crickets, firebrats, gnats, houseflies, mosquitoes, roaches, silverfish, brown dog ticks and waterbugs.
Active Ingredients Tetramethrin (0.20%), Cypermethrin (0.86%), Piperonyl butoxide (0.50%)
Available Sizes 3 pack -1.2 oz cans
Effective Duration Up to 2 months

What is it?
The Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger is a dry fog formula that claims to rid your indoor spaces of a variety of common pests. This isn’t just a mere spray; it’s a fogger that disperses a fine mist, ensuring the treatment reaches even the most hidden corners of your space.

One of its major advantages is its odor-neutralizing feature. This promise drew me in because, let’s be honest, no one wants their living space to reek of chemicals.


Active Ingredients
The Fogger contains three active ingredients:

  1. Tetramethrin (0.20%)
  2. Cypermethrin (0.86%)
  3. Piperonyl butoxide (0.50%)

While the first two components target and exterminate the pests, Piperonyl butoxide enhances the effect of the other ingredients, making the formula more potent against the invaders.

The Promises
The product touts a multitude of features:

  • Dry Fog Formula: It promises no stains on your furniture or surfaces. A huge plus, especially if you have white or light-colored furnishings.
  • Odor Neutralizing: A promise to kill pests without the heavy chemical smell? Sign me up!
  • Efficiency: One can cover up to 2,000 cu ft of space.
  • Versatility: It’s safe to use in various indoor settings, from apartments and attics to boat cabins and campers.
  • Longevity: It claims effectiveness for up to 2 months.

Performance & Efficiency
So, how did the fogger perform when put to the test?

  1. Ease of Use: The instructions were straightforward. There was no need to turn off pilot lights, a detail I appreciate for its convenience.
  2. Coverage: True to its claim, one canister was sufficient for my medium-sized living room. The fog dispersed well, reaching under furniture and in corners.
  3. Odor: I braced myself for the expected heavy chemical smell. To my surprise, the odor-neutralizing promise stood its ground. There was an initial faint smell post-treatment, but it dissipated quickly, leaving my space feeling fresh.
  4. Effectiveness: Over the next few days, I noticed a significant decrease in pests, particularly mosquitoes and houseflies. The product also claims to exterminate a variety of other pests, such as crickets, spiders, and fleas. Still, I primarily noticed the decline in flying pests.
  5. Residue: As promised, I found no oily residue or staining on my surfaces post-application.

While the Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger delivered on most of its promises, and it’s essential to note that it does not control bed bugs. This might not be your product if you’re battling a bed bug infestation.

All in all, the Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger with Odor Neutralizer left a positive impression on me. It’s a user-friendly, efficient, and mess-free solution for indoor pest control. The odor-neutralizing feature sets it apart, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on comfort for a pest-free home.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely, especially for those seeking an effective yet non-intrusive solution to their pesky invaders. As with any product, always read the label directions before use, and make sure it’s safe for your specific needs and environment.

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