Hot Shot Vs Raid Ant Killer

hot shot vs raid ant killer

Ants can be a real nuisance, invading your home and making a mess. How do you get rid of them? By using an ant killer, of course! In this blog post, we will compare two popular brands of ant killers: Hot Shot and Raid. We will discuss the pros and cons of each product and help you decide which one is right for you. Stay tuned to learn more!

Why Compare?
When it comes to choosing an ant killer, you have many options available to you. So, why compare Hot Shot and Raid? Well, these are two of the most popular brands on the market, and they offer various products to choose from. Plus, they are relatively affordable, which is essential when trying to get rid of pests.

The fresh floral scent makes hot shot ant killer great for indoor and outdoor use. And it promises to kill on contact. The hot shot also offers a variety of other products, including ant baits, traps, and gels.

Raid, on the other hand, is designed specifically for indoor use. It comes in various formulations, including aerosols, baits, and gels. Raid also offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Active Ingredient
One of the most important things to consider when choosing an ant killer is the active ingredient. The active ingredient in Hot Shot ant killer is Prallethrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin. Prallethrin is a synthetic version of pyrethrin derived from the Chrysanthemum flower. Lambda-Cyhalothrin is a synthetic Pyrethroid.

The active ingredient in Raid ant killer is Imiprothrin and Cypermethrin. Imiprothrin is a synthetic Pyrethroid, and Cypermethrin is a man-made version of the natural insecticide, Pyrethrin. Both of these products contain synthetic Pyrethroids that effectively kill ants.

Target Pests
Hot Shot ant killer is effective against a variety of pests, including ants, cockroaches, crickets, brown dog ticks, fleas, spiders, and other listed insects. On the other hand, Raid is specifically designed to kill ants.

However, it is also effective against roaches, ants, silverfish, crickets, earwigs, stink, scorpions, waterbugs, palmetto bugs, carpet beetles, multicolored Asian lady beetles, black widow spiders, and more.

Both hot shot and raid ant killer have a residual effect, which means they will continue to kill ants even after the initial application. However, the duration of the residual impact will vary depending on the product.

For example, Hot Shot ant Killer has a residual effect that lasts up to 12 weeks. Raid Ant & Roach Killer, on the other hand, has a residual effect that lasts up to four weeks. Interestingly both don’t leave no lingering chemical odor.

Available Size
Hot Shot offers a variety of sizes to choose from, including a small size that is perfect for taking on the go this include 17.5 oz. Raid also offers a variety of sizes, including small size that is perfect for taking on the go, including 12 oz., 17.5 oz. and 20 oz.

How To Use
Both Raid ant killer and Hot Shot ant killer are easy to use. Simply point and spray the product directly onto ants or into their hiding places, such as cracks and crevices. For best results, apply the product now to ants whenever possible.

Before Using:

  1. Shake the container well.
  2. Hold it upright and point the spray opening toward the surface you want to cover.
  3. Press the button firmly and hold it about 18” away from the surface.
  4. Spray until the surfaces are wet.

Our Observation
We found that both Raid and Hot Shot ant killers are effective at killing ants. The main difference between hot shot and raid ant killer is in the active ingredients. Hot Shot ant killer contains Prallethrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin, while Raid ant killer contains Imiprothrin and Cypermethrin.

However, we prefer Hot Shot because it is more affordable and has a residual effect lasting up to 12 weeks. Plus, it is easy to use and comes in a variety of sizes. I hope you find this helpful in your quest to rid your home of ants! Thanks for reading.

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