Hot Shot vs Raid Ant Bait

The main difference between Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait and Raid Ant Baits III is their active ingredients. Hot Shot contains the neonicotinoid insecticide dinotefuran for a fast-acting neurotoxic effect.

While Raid uses the ingredient avermectin B1, which works slower by paralyzing ants. Hot Shot promises rapid colony knockout within 24 hours, whereas Raid works by bait transfer to gradually eliminate the entire colony.

Hot Shot Vs Raid Table

This table of comparison will help you understand the differences quickly and easily.

Hot Shot


Active Ingredients Dinotefuran

Active ingedients Avermectin B1

keeps killing with residual for up to 3 months

keeps killing with residual action for up to 12 weeks

Use indoors and outdoors

Indoor Use Only

Kills the queen and colony within 24 hours

For maximum effectiveness place all baits at the same time

Comes With Four Bait Stations Pack

Available in 4 count or 8 count packs.

Contains Both Food And Water To Attract

Raid Ant Baits are child-resistant

Designed to manage and control common household ants that often invade homes

Effective against pesky Argentine Ants, wood-burrowing Carpenter Ants, unpredictable Crazy Ants, elusive Ghost Ants, and unpleasant-smelling Odorous Ants

Mode of Action

As a neurotoxic insecticide, Dinotefuran in Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait works by targeting the nervous system of ants for rapid knockdown.

Avermectin B1 in Raid Ant Baits III is slower-acting, working overtime to affect the nervous system and eventually causing paralysis and death, rather than immediately attacking the nervous system.

Active Ingredient

Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait contains the active ingredient Dinotefuran, a neonicotinoid insecticide that targets the nervous system of insects like ants, leading to fast elimination.

Raid Ant Baits III contains Avermectin B1, which works by affecting the ant’s nervous system, eventually causing paralysis and death, but works more slowly than Dinotefuran.

Fast Knockdown

A key advantage of Hot Shot is its fast-acting formula that is designed to kill the queen and the entire colony within 24 hours.

Raid Ant Baits III works more slowly, relying on worker ants to return to the colony multiple times to spread the bait, steadily killing ants over time rather than knocking down the whole colony quickly.

Pack Size

Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait comes in a pack of 4 ready-to-use bait stations containing 0.45 fl oz each. Raid offers more flexibility with pack sizes – a 4-count pack with 0.24 fl oz bait stations ideal for travel or a larger 8-count pack for heavy infestations. Raid’s range of pack sizes can accommodate both small and large ant problems.

Target Pests

While both products target common household ants, Hot Shot claims to control all common ants except carpenter, pharaoh, harvester, and fire ants.

Raid also excludes fire, carpenter, harvester, and pharaoh ants but does not make claims about all common ants. So, Hot Shot may have a broader range of effectiveness against different common ant varieties.

Attractiveness to Ants

Hot Shot contains both food and water to attract ants seeking essential survival resources. Raid uses a specially formulated sweet liquid bait containing sucrose to appeal to foraging ants that feed on sugary substances. Both utilize attractants ants find irresistible.


A benefit of Hot Shot is no drips or spills, making indoor and outdoor applications easy and convenient. Raid instructs users to avoid placing baits directly where spray products have been used and focus on indoor use in hidden ant harborages and high-traffic areas where ants frequently appear.

Pet Safe

Both Hot Shot and Raid ant baits are designed with child-resistant bait stations to keep children and pets safe. The poison is contained inside the bait station, reducing the risk of exposure.

Where to Use

Hot Shot can be used both outdoors and indoors, ideal for areas of observed ant activity. Raid focuses on indoor use in hidden spaces like closets, attics, basements where ants hide and seek shelter, as well as high-traffic areas they frequent, like kitchens.

Residual Effect

Hot Shot recommends replacing bait stations every 3 months for best results, while Raid claims its bait stations continue working for up to 3 months due to the slower residual effects of its active ingredient.

So Raid provides more ongoing control, whereas Hot Shot requires more frequent replenishment.

Our Observation
Based on the key differences between Hot Shot and Raid ant baits, our observation is that Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait is the best option when fast knockdown is the priority.

Its active ingredient Dinotefuran delivers rapid results, eliminating ant colonies within 24 hours. For ongoing residual control, Raid Ant Baits III is a better choice, as its active ingredient Avermectin B1 continues working for up to 3 months thanks to its slower mode of action.

Ultimately, for fast-acting and thorough ant colony elimination, we recommend choosing Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait. Its fast-acting formula quickly destroys ant colonies before they can cause further infestation.

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