Hoy Hoy Cockroach Trap Review

Cockroach infestations are not just unsightly, but they pose health risks too. Enter the Hoy Hoy Roach Trap – a revolutionary, non-toxic solution that promises to tackle your cockroach dilemma head-on. After getting my hands on a set and using it in various parts of my home, I’m here to share my experience.

Hoy Hoy Cockroach Trap Feature

This table chart helps you to find the key feature of Hoy Hoy Cockroach Trap.

Key Feature Baby Cockroach
Target pests Cockroaches
Usage areas Kitchens, bathrooms, cars, children’s rooms, basements, warehouses, etc.
Pet Safety Yes, safe if used as directed.
Special Features Non-toxic
Shipping Weight 0.35 lbs
Trap Technology Foot mat for roaches to walk on which enhances glue adhesiveness.
Bait Four distinct types in each trap, based on research into roach food preferences.
Duration of Effectiveness At least one month after protective paper removal.
Versatility Water-resistant, adjustable structure for various spaces.
Cleanliness Designed for easy and less anxious disposal with a pick-up knob. Reduces the “ick” factor.
Legacy & Trust Japan’s best-selling roach trap with 100+ years of pest control experience. Over 2500 million units sold in 100+ countries

Unboxing & First Impressions
Inside the neatly packaged box, I found five traps, each accompanied by a special bait and two-foot mats. 

The set is compact, lightweight (with the entire set weighing a mere 0.35 lbs), and doesn’t give off any chemical odors – an initial win in my book. The presentation speaks of a product designed with the consumer in mind.

Innovative Design
What sets Hoy Hoy apart is its innovative “mini-hotel” design. This isn’t your standard glue trap. The HOY HOY Trinity – a combination of a welcome mat, powerful bait, and highly adhesive glue – demonstrates thoughtful engineering to ensure the roaches check in but don’t check out.

Safety First
As someone who has children and pets, safety is paramount. Hoy Hoy scores big in this area. The product is non-toxic, so I felt confident placing it in areas like my kitchen, bathroom, and even my child’s room. Its water-resistant, adjustable structure offers maximum versatility, making it suitable for homes and businesses.

The trap’s effectiveness is remarkable. The roaches are first lured onto a textured foot mat that cleans their legs. This enhances the stickiness of the glue, ensuring the roaches get trapped.

Additionally, Hoy Hoy’s bait is tailored to roach preferences – a blend of four different baits kept separate to prevent the mingling of tastes and smells. This attention to detail, backed by extensive research, makes this trap a cut above the rest.

The instruction suggests placing the trap where there’s suspected roach activity. For me, that was behind the refrigerator, under the kitchen sink, and in a closet. The beauty of Hoy Hoy is that it can also be used in cars – a feature not common with many other roach traps. Plus, each trap remains effective for at least a month.

Nobody wants to deal with the “ick” factor when disposing of roaches. Hoy Hoy’s design incorporates a pick-up knob, making disposal a breeze and reducing any anxiety from handling pests. A clean and easy disposal method is always a win!

Track Record
Hoy Hoy isn’t new to the pest control scene. It’s Japan’s best-selling roach trap with over 100 years of experience behind it. Selling 2500 million units in more than 100 countries brings a legacy of trust and effectiveness. And now, I can personally vouch for its prowess.

If you’re tired of chemical sprays, messy gels, and ineffective traps, it’s time to switch to Hoy Hoy Roach Trap. This product not only promises results but delivers them in the most efficient, clean, and safe way.

It’s a game-changer in the world of pest control. I can confidently say Hoy Hoy has earned its place as a staple in my household, and I highly recommend it to anyone facing roach problems.

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