Lambda Cyhalothrin vs Gamma Cyhalothrin

Regarding pesticides, there are two main types,  cyclodiene and pyrethroid. Within the pyrethroid category, there are two compounds: lambda-cyhalothrin and gamma cyhalothrin. So what’s the difference between them? This blog post will discuss the key differences between lambda-cyhalothrin and gamma cyhalothrin, so you can decide which one is right for your needs!

Lambda vs Gamma Cyhalothrin Table

As they can break the bugs’ life cycle and dominate for several months, people started using these products in indoor, outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional environments. Furthermore, both products kill ants, spiders, ticks, cockroaches, carpet beetles, and other listed pests.



Active ingredient 9.7% Lambda-Cyhalothrin

Active ingredient 5.9% Gamma cyhalothrin

No Residual Effect

Have Slight odor Effect

Pet safe (if used as directed on Label)

Pet safe (if used as directed on Label)

Effective On Both Inside and Outside

Effective on Inside

Mixing Ratio (0.2 ounces per gallon)

Mixing Ratio (0.16 ounces per gallon)

Can be used for bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes, beetles, flies, stink bugs, carpenter bees.

Can be used for Ants, Bees, Litter Beetles, Crickets, Flies, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Pillbugs, Scorpions, Sowbugs, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps

Why Compare?
The main difference between Lambda Cyhalothrin and Gamma Cyhalothrin is that Lambda is more effective against adult insects. At the same time, Gamma works better against larvae and eggs.

Lambda-cyhalothrin is a third-generation synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It was first registered in the United States in 1985 and has been used extensively in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, and household pest control. It is a broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticide that is effective against many pests, including mosquitoes, flies, ticks, mites, and other insects.

Gamma cyhalothrin is also a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Gamma cyhalothrin is a broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticide that was first registered for use in the United States in 1990. It is effective against many pests, including mosquitoes, flies, ticks, mites, and other insects. Gamma cyhalothrin is more persistent than lambda-cyhalothrin and has a longer residual activity.

Lambda-Cyhalothrin (LambdaStar 9.7%)

New LambdaStar 9.7% is now available to destroy any heavy infestation. LambdaStar 9.7% is an advanced capsule suspension or liquid formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin that provides control of pests and gives more extended residual control.

It is initially used for indoor pest control such as food areas, livestock housing sites, etc. it’s also an excellent product for using outsides like structural, turf and ornamental, etc.

The knockdown killing system and extended residual activity make this product perfect for mosquito treatments as well. This capsule suspension offers comprehensive control of difficult species- in high-heat environments- such as scorpions, beetles, and termites.

Besides, it has a low irritation on human health, plants, and water but is very toxic to insects. It adheres well to the surface and is perfect for perimeter treatments around houses and structures. It is well-known for quality broad-spectrum insecticide and concentrates formulations of lambda-cyhalothrin and esfenvalerate. It works best for three continuous months with a re-application system.

Gamma Cyhalothrin (Optimate CS 5.9%)

Gamma Cyhalothrin (Optimate CS 5.9%) is a single biologically active isomer. It has almost double the strength of Lambda-Cyhalothrin. It’s a potent insecticide; one pint can treat a maximum of 24,000 sq. Ft. Plus, it is microencapsulated and ensures the slow release of the insect’s body. It has a more prolonged residual effect and controls litter beetles, flies, fleas, and other listed pests.

Mainly it is widely used in livestock or poultry housing, rail cars, trucks, pet kennels, and trailers. As it contains Gamma cyhalothrin, it is the most active pyrethroid insecticide in the world. It’s also a highly concentrated solution and uses at a low rate with 21 days of interval.

It mainly kills 100% of big-headed beetles faster than Lambda-Cyhalothrin and is active for three months continuously. If you want to know more about other products related to this one.

Our Observation
From our observation, we can say that both products are effective against many pests. However, Lambda-cyhalothrin is more effective against adult insects, while Gamma cyhalothrin is more effective against larvae and eggs. Both products are broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticides with long residual activity. Lambda-cyhalothrin is more persistent than Gamma cyhalothrin and has a longer residual activity.

Both Lambda-cyhalothrin and Gamma-cyhalothrin are broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticides that are effective against a wide range of pests. As you read, both are potent and have different purposes.

Choosing the right product for your needs is essential to get the best results. We hope this article helped you in some way. If you have any queries related to this or any other topic, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help!

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