Lambda Cyhalothrin vs Gamma Cyhalothrin

Pest Remedies company gradually sells pest control products either to pest control professionals or in person who can use the product by applying themselves. Lambda cyhalothrin and Gamma cyhalothrin are two types of a pest control element that comes in LambdaStar 9.7% and Optimate CS 5.9% products. Both elements are very actionable for crawling insects and can apply in crack and crevice, broadcast, surface, and effective for any spot control.

As they can break the life cycle of bugs and dominant for several months, people started using these products in indoor, outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial, and overall institutional environments. Furthermore, both products are proven to kill ants, spiders, ticks, cockroaches, carpet beetles, and other listed pests.

Lambda vs Gamma Cyhalothrin Table

Active ingredient9.7% Lambda-Cyhalothrin5.9% Gamma cyhalothrin
Residual effectNoslight odor
Targeted PestsAntBeetles
Effective OnBoth Inside and OutsideEffective on Inside
Mixing Ratio0.2 ounces per gallon0.16 ounces per gallon

Lambda cyhalothrin (LambdaStar 9.7%)

New LambdaStar 9.7% is now available to destroy any heavy infestation. LambdaStar 9.7% is an advanced capsule suspension or liquid formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin that provides not only control of pests but also give more extended residual control. It is initially used for indoors pest control such as food areas, livestock housing sites, etc. it’s also an excellent product for using outsides like structural, turf and ornamental, and so on.

The knockdown killing system and extended residual activity make this product perfect for mosquito treatments as well. Also, this capsule suspension offers extended control on difficult species like scorpions, beetles, termites- in high-heat environments.

In addition, it has a low irritation on human health, plants, and waters but very toxic to insects. It adheres well effect to the surface and is perfect for perimeter treatments around houses and structures.  It is well-known for quality broad-spectrum insecticide and concentrates formulations of lambda-cyhalothrin and esfenvalerate. It works best for continuous 3 months with re-application system.

Gamma cyhalothrin (Optimate CS 5.9%)

Gamma Cyhalothrin (Optimate CS 5.9%) is a single biologically active isomer. It has almost double strength of Lambda-Cyhalothrin. It’s a very powerful insecticide, and one pint can treat a maximum 24,000 sq. Ft. Plus, it is micro encapsulated and ensures the slow-release of the insect’s body. It has a more prolonged residual effect and control of litter beetles, flies, fleas and other listed pests.

Mainly it is widely used in livestock or poultry housing, rail cars, trucks pet kennels, and trailers. As it contains Gamma cyhalothrin, it is the most active pyrethroid insecticide in the world. It’s also a highly concentrated solution and uses at a low rate with the 21 days of interval.

It mainly kills 100% of big-headed beetles in a faster way than Lambda-Cyhalothrin and active for 3 months continuously.

Both are a safe choice for killing a variety of bugs. Both use vegetable oil instead of petroleum to make the product environmentally friendly. Both products kill bugs a quick knockdown and offer an exceptional residual with a very low odor. But you must get according to your preference.

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