Life cycle of a cockroach with Pictures

life cycle of cockroach

The Life Cycle of roach with Pictures generally has three life stages: the egg, nymph, and adult. The life cycle of a Cockroach between on average egg and adult is 600 days. After meeting of male and female, roach produces egg cases which are called as oothecae. They will produce 9-10 oothecae in her lifetime and each egg sack contains 16 eggs.

The eggs dark brown, symmetrically shaped, and about 5/16 inches long. The females lay their eggs within a day after it is formed and noticed that it is near a food source or protected area. The length of the egg stage varies from 29 to 58 days. The average cockroach egg size is 0.07 and 0.19 inches.

At room temperature, the immature roach will emerge out within 58 to 78 days and they are called nymphs. The nymph will mature within six to twelve months. They look like the graying brown color at the early stage, and after few molts, they become reddish-brown. There is few molts occur in roaches and after 10 to 12 molts they become an adult.

After the last molt roaches become an adult, the adult bug has reproductive capabilities and wings. Female insects can live up to 15 months and males generally have a shorter life. Females can produce 150 young in their lifespan. There is a rumor that the cockroach has multiple eyes for different kind of work.

How Long Does a Cockroach Live? 

Depending on the type of cockroach average Adult males can live up to 362 days and an adult female can live more than 700 days. The interesting fact that a roach can live up to a week without the head.

The German Cockroach Life Cycle

The incubation period of a German roach is about 28-30 days. A female one can produce 4-5 ootheca in her lifespan. To reach their adult or maturity period the development stages take 103 days. The average life of a German adult roach is 200 days.

The lifespan of American Roach

A female American roach lays 6-14 ootheca in her lifespans and their average incubation periods are 44 days. The maturity process of American insects takes about 600 days. An American adult male’s lifespan is about 300 days, where a female can survive up to 700 days.

The lifespan of Oriental Cockroach

An oriental roach lays about 16 eggs and produces eight ootheca during her lifespans and the average incubation period is about 60 days. The average maturity period of Oriental cockroach is 589 days. The lifespans of a female adult roach are 180, where a male mostly lives to 160 days.

Lifespan of Brown-Banded

Brown-Banded cockroaches lay about 14 eggs and produce seven oothecae during her lifespans. The average maturity period of Oriental roach is 160 days. The average lifespan of Anywhere from 130 to 315 days. The lifespans of a female adult roach’s are 91 where a male mostly lives to 160 days.

Asian cockroach life cycle

An Asian cockroach produces four capsules of eggs in a lifetime. A male cockroach life around 104 days and female one life 47 days. Nymphs take approximately 67 days to reach maturity level.

Dubai Roach

Blaptica dubia also known as the orange-spotted roach life up to 2 years. Male dubia roach lives 1 to 1.15 years and female one lives two years. Female Dubai carries the egg capsule until it ready to hatch. Nymphs take approximately 4 to 6 months to reach adulthood.