Raid Roach Bait Review

Every homeowner’s nightmare, roaches are not just a mere nuisance but can also pose health risks. Raid, a recognized name in pest control, has offered multiple solutions over the years to address these unwelcome guests.

Their Roach Bait product line, which specifically targets both large and small roaches, deserves a closer look. Here’s our comprehensive review of the Raid Roach Bait.

Feature Description
Bait Type Double control with two types of baits.
Roach Reduction Population reduction and lessened activity within days of application.
Longevity Continuous effectiveness for up to three months.
Safety Baits are child-resistant.
Usage For indoor use. To be placed next to walls, under sinks, in cabinets, etc. for best results.
Active Ingredient Avermectin B1 (0.05%).
Target Roaches Kills roaches of all life stages and controls reproduction by sterilizing females.
Coverage Kills both visible and hidden roaches; after consumption, roaches transfer the bait to the nest, killing others.
Special Feature Raid Plus Egg Stoppers sterilizes roaches, breaking their life cycle.
Recommendation  Additional baits are suggested for better results in areas with heavy infestations.

Raid Roach Bait

Raid Roach Bait has two variations, Raid Double Control Large Roach Baits and Raid Double Control Small Roach Baits. Both aim to kill the visible roaches and the hidden ones.

The strategy behind these bait is to kill the roaches that consume the bait and target the larger population in their nests. This ‘domino effect’ works when roaches return to their nest after consuming the bait, transferring the poison to other cockroaches.

Key Features

  1. Dual Bait System: One of the standout features of the Raid Roach Bait is its double bait system, which promises to lure and kill roaches irrespective of their dietary preferences.
  2. Extended Efficacy: Both variants promise a reduction in roach activity within days, and their effects can last for up to three months. This offers homeowners extended relief from infestations with a single application.
  3. Reproduction Control: Raid Plus Egg Stoppers is an added feature in the small roach bait version. It sterilizes roaches that do not consume the bait, ensuring they don’t reproduce and effectively breaking their life cycle.
  4. Child-Resistant Design: Safety is crucial, and Raid provides child-resistant products, adding an extra layer of safety for households with young children.


  • Versatility in Application: Raid Roach Baits are effective against various roach types, including Palmetto and Waterbugs. The broad spectrum efficacy is a definite advantage.
  • Convenience: The bait is easy to place, and with specific instructions like placing them near walls, baseboards, and under sinks, homeowners can strategically target roach hotspots.
  • Reproduction Control: Raid’s unique approach to controlling roach reproduction by sterilizing females ensures a long-term solution to roach infestations.


  • Not Entirely Comprehensive: While the bait kills most roaches, it may not eliminate the entire colony. The effectiveness against larger roaches is also a concern.
  • Might Need Multiple Applications: Homeowners might need additional baits for heavy infestations, making it more expensive than other solutions.

How It Works
Raid’s approach is unique. When a roach consumes the bait, it doesn’t just die; it returns to its nest and transfers the bait to other roaches, leading to a domino effect of extermination.

This method aims to eliminate the roaches you can’t see or reach. The active ingredient, Avermectin B1, is lethal to cockroaches. The product promises a reduction in roach activity within days and offers protection for up to three months.

With their dual bait system, Raid Roach Baits offers a promising solution for homeowners troubled by roach infestations. The added benefit of controlling the reproduction cycle is a definite edge over other products in the market. However, users might need to be patient and require multiple applications for heavy infestations.

Raid Roach Baits could be a worthy consideration for those seeking an easy-to-use, long-lasting, and relatively comprehensive solution. But as with all pest control methods, consistent monitoring and timely intervention are essential for the best results.

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