Roundup Concentrate Plus Review

In a world constantly seeking efficient solutions to everyday problems, a product that promises to rid our gardens of pesky weeds and unwanted grasses is undoubtedly a savior to many.

The Roundup Concentrate Plus Weed & Grass Killer – is a product designed for those who don’t compromise on lawn and garden care. This review dives into the specifics of this product, weighing its pros and cons.

Table Summary

Feature Details
Product Roundup Concentrate Plus Weed & Grass Killer
Primary Use Kills tough weeds & grasses to the root
Key Technology FastAct® Technology
Time to Become Rainproof 30 minutes
Visible Results As fast as 9-12 hours
Application Roundup® brand tank sprayer
Safety Safe for people & pets once dried
Customer Guarantee Full refund with original proof of purchase

Roundup Concentrate Plus Review

Roundup Concentrate Plus is a robust formulation aimed at exterminating the toughest of weeds and grasses right down to the root. Hailing from the trusted Roundup brand, this concentrate combines potency with precision, ensuring that gardeners can uphold the integrity of their garden beds, patios, and walkways.

  • Powerful Action: The most significant advantage of Roundup® Concentrate Plus is its promise to kill the toughest weeds and grasses down to the root. The claim isn’t just on the label – it delivers.
  • Rainproof in 30 minutes: This is a blessing for those living in unpredictable weather conditions. Even if it rains half an hour post-application, the formula remains effective.
  • FastAct® Technology: Waiting to see results can be tedious. With this technology, visible signs of wilting weeds appear in as fast as 9 to 12 hours.
  • Versatile Use: Its application areas are vast from patios to mulch beds, walkways to fences. It’s particularly ideal for large-scale applications like lawn replacements or garden plot preparation.
  • Easy Mix: With an easy measure cap, preparing the concentrate has never been simpler. Mix 6 fl. oz. of concentrate with a gallon of water for optimal results.

How to Use

The product’s application is straightforward. For optimal results, it is recommended to use a Roundup-branded tank sprayer to spray the weeds until they are thoroughly wet.

If a plant you cherish gets sprayed, a quick rinse with water should negate any harmful effects. The treated areas are safe for people and pets once the spray dries.

When to Use

Designed for diverse applications, the Roundup Concentrate Plus can be used around fences, trees, driveways, and flower beds. It’s particularly useful for large areas requiring lawn replacements or new garden plot preparations.

Timing is crucial. For optimal results, it’s best to apply the solution when weeds are in their active growth phase, especially during warm, sunny weather (above 60° F). A calm day is ideal, ensuring the spray doesn’t drift to plants you’d prefer to keep.


Customer satisfaction sits at the heart of the Roundup® brand. If users are unsatisfied, they can send the original proof of purchase to get a full refund.

Things to Note

While the product boasts a myriad of benefits, it is crucial to note that it is not suitable for use around existing edibles. Furthermore, while it may show results in as little as 9 hours, complete eradication of the weeds could take up to two weeks.

Final Verdict

The Roundup Concentrate Plus Weed & Grass Killer is a formidable adversary against unwelcome weeds and grasses. Its quick action, versatility, and strong commitment to customer satisfaction make it a must-have in the gardening arsenal.

However, users must adhere to instructions closely to ensure they get the best results without causing unintentional harm to desired plants. In conclusion, for those seeking a reliable, fast-acting, and efficient solution to weed problems, the Roundup Concentrate Plus is certainly worth considering. Just remember – always use responsibly!

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