Roundup Weed Barrier Granules Reviews

Every gardener knows the struggle of the incessant growth of unwanted weeds. These stubborn intruders can undermine the beauty and health of our garden plants. With countless products available to address this issue, Roundup Weed Barrier Granules promises a distinctive approach – preventing the weeds even before they appear. But does it truly live up to its claim? Let’s delve into it.

To make the most out of this review, let’s break down the details in a concise table

Features Details
Product Name Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules
Function Weed and grass prevention
Duration Up to 8 months
Coverage Up to 1,000 square feet
Active Ingredient 1.71% Pendimethalin
Application Rate ¾ oz. (2 Tbsp) per 10 sq. ft.
Where to Use Around ornamental plants (excluding lawns and food crops)
Application Frequency Once every 12 months

Roundup Weed Barrier

Roundup Weed Barrier Granules are a revolutionary weed and grass preventer. Unlike many other products that focus on killing weeds, this one aims to prevent their growth in the first place.

The granules are easy to apply and promise up to 8 months of weed-free landscape (with conditions applying to certain weeds). Designed to be used around a wide range of plants, the product ensures your plants’ safety while effectively targeting intrusive weeds.

Features List

  1. Long-Lasting Protection: One of the key benefits is the duration of protection it offers. An 8-month weed barrier is a game-changer, meaning you won’t constantly battle weed growth throughout the gardening season.
  2. Ease of Application: Applying the product with a built-in applicator is a breeze. The straightforward sprinkle, rake, and water method means amateur and pro gardeners can easily use it.
  3. Plant Friendly: Many weed killers risk damaging or even killing the plants you’re trying to protect. Not this one. Roundup Weed Barrier Granules will not harm your beloved plants when used as directed.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: A single container can cover up to 1,000 square feet. This ensures you get value for your money while safeguarding your garden.
  5. Active Ingredient – Pendimethalin: With 1.71% Pendimethalin as its active ingredient, the product disrupts the growth process of weeds, ensuring they don’t see the light of day.

Usage Guidelines

Roundup Weed Barrier Granules is versatile but has its limitations.

  • Where Not to Use: The product is strictly not used on lawns, vegetable gardens, or plants grown for food/feed. It’s also not suitable for plants grown commercially or for research purposes.
  • Where to Use: It’s perfect for established trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, ornamental grass, bulbs, and bedding plants.
  • When and How Often: The best time to apply is in Spring before weeds germinate. Once applied, it protects for up to 12 months.

Safety First

The manufacturers recommend washing the granules from plants and activating the product post-application with a light water spray. Ensure that the granules do not stay on plant leaves.

If mistakenly applied, a simple rinse with water should suffice. It’s essential to note that the product should not be used in edible areas of your garden.


A mark of confidence in their product, the company offers a money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied.

Roundup Weed Barrier Granules offer a fresh perspective in the battle against weeds. Instead of constantly pulling out or killing weeds, why not prevent them in the first place?

The product’s long duration, ease of use, and safety for most plants make it a must-have for garden enthusiasts. Whether you’re an urban gardener with a small patch or someone with a sprawling landscape, this product could be the shield your garden needs against weeds.

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