Spectracide Triazicide vs Ortho Bug B Gon

Keeping your lawn and garden free of pesky insects is an ongoing battle. Two popular insect control products on the market are Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer and Ortho Bug B Gon Lawn & Landscape Insect Killer.

But how do you decide which one is right for your needs? Here is an in-depth comparison of these two powerful insecticides to help you make an informed choice.

Bug B Gon vs Triazicide

To help you understand the difference in a quick glance, we have prepared a comparison table.

Feature Triazicide Bug B Gon
Insects Controlled 260+ including fleas, ticks, beetles, etc. 235 including ants, mosquitoes, spiders, etc.
Duration of Control Up to 3 months for some pests Up to 6 months for spider control
Application Method Ready-to-spray hose end sprayer Ready-to-spray hose end sprayer
Coverage Area Up to 5,120 sq ft Up to 5,300 sq ft
Active Ingredient Gamma-Cyhalothrin 0.08% Bifenthrin 0.12%
Usage Restrictions No edible plants, avoid runoff No application into drains or sewers
Outdoor Use Yes Yes
Safety Safe when dry Safe when dry
Odor Non-staining When Used as Directed Non-staining When Used as Directed
Guarantee Money-back guarantee No guarantee mentioned
Versatile Usage Lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs Lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs

Application Method

Both insecticides come ready to spray and attach to your garden hose for easy application. Spectracide Triazicide features a QuickFlip sprayer that allows you to flip a switch to turn the spray on and off as needed.

Ortho Bug B Gon has a dial sprayer that you turn to adjust the spray. So they both offer convenient hose-end applications.

Active Ingredient

The main difference between Spectracide Triazicide and Ortho Bug B Gon is the active ingredient. The active ingredient in Spectracide Triazicide is Gamma-cyhalothrin 0.08%.

Ortho Bug B Gon contains Bifenthrin 0.12% as the active ingredient that targets the insects’ nervous system. Both provide potent insecticidal activity.

Insects Controlled

Spectracide Triazicide claims to kill 260+ different insects by contact, including common pests like fleas, ticks, Japanese beetles, ants, and more.

Ortho Bug B Gon states that it kills 235 types of insects, including ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, and others. Spectracide offers protection against a slightly more comprehensive range of insects.

Duration of Control

For ongoing insect control, Spectracide Triazicide provides up to 3 months of protection against certain pests like crickets, carpenter ants, and earwigs when used as directed.

Ortho Bug B Gon claims to offer long-lasting spider control for up to 6 months when applied to lawns and landscaping, excluding black widows, brown recluse spiders, and hobo spiders.

Coverage Area

A single 32 oz bottle of Spectracide Triazicide covers up to 5,120 sq ft of lawn. Ortho Bug B Gon, also in a 32 oz bottle, treats up to 5,300 sq ft of lawn per bottle. So you get very comparable coverage areas with both products.

Usage Restrictions

It’s important to follow all label instructions and usage restrictions. Neither product should be applied in the rain or allowed to drain into sewers and waterways.

Spectracide Triazicide cannot be used on edible plants. Ortho Bug B Gon should not be applied to firewood. Both products can be used around children and pets once dry.

Outdoor Application

Spectracide Triazicide and Ortho Bug B Gon are both formulated solely for outdoor use around lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, and other landscape plantings. They are not intended for indoor use.

Safety Tips

When used as directed, both insecticides are considered safe for people and pets to enter treated areas once the spray has dried completely. Precautions should still be taken to avoid contact with sprayed surfaces until dry. Proper protective clothing should also be worn during application.


These ready-to-spray insecticides have a chemical odor during and immediately after application. The odor of both products dissipates fairly quickly once dried.


Spectracide Triazicide comes with a money-back guarantee if consumers are not satisfied when used as directed. No satisfaction guarantee is mentioned for Ortho Bug B Gon based on the product descriptions.

Versatile Usage

Both Spectracide Triazicide and Ortho Bug B Gon can be broadly applied to lawns, trees, shrubs, landscape beds, and other outdoor areas. Spectracide Triazicide can also be applied to vegetable and herb gardens. At the same time, Ortho Bug B Gon can be used on listed vegetables and fruit trees.

How Often to Apply

For Spectracide Triazicide, the frequency of reapplication depends on the type of pests and level of infestation. Ortho Bug B Gon offers specific guidance on reapplying every 7-14 days for gardens, trees, and shrubs and waiting 4-6 weeks before reapplying to lawns.

Our Observation
After reviewing the details on Spectracide Triazicide and Ortho Bug B Gon, it is clear that both insecticides provide powerful protection against a broad spectrum of outdoor insects.

Spectracide offers control of slightly more insect types, while Ortho Bug B Gon claims longer-lasting spider control. The convenient ready-to-spray application method with hose-end sprayers makes application straightforward for both products.

When used correctly and as directed, these insecticides are safe for use around people and pets once dried. Overall, Spectracide Triazicide and Ortho Bug B Gon are quality products that effectively eliminate a wide array of troublesome bugs in lawns, gardens, and landscapes. Choosing between them depends on the specific insect control needs and duration required.

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