What Attracts Roaches the Most in Your Home
What Attracts Roaches the Most

Generally, they are attracted to food, dark or noisy places to live. Primarily they are very much fond of foods like sweets items, fruits, greasy food, cheese and meat. Cockroach attracts anything like starches, garbage or any other dead insect’s body. Even Cockroach eats another dead roach body too.

Well, cockroaches can survive without foods 2-3 months. They can eat anything for their life support. Well water and food supply and dump and nasty places attract them most. They like to smell food, especially meat. Also Moisture, Strong Odors, Your Neighbors who are not as clean as you, Cardboard and Paper, Pet Supplies have attracted roaches most in your house.

What Do Roaches Hate?

Cockroaches hate all kinds of lights. They like to live in the dark, garbage or noisy place and always want to keep hide in the dark places where lights never come. Cockroaches also hate clean areas, household pests, baits, mint oil, Osage orange oil etc. If you like to know what organic things roach hate than use catnip small. 

Catnip is 100 times as effective in cockroaches also organic. Bay leaf, garlic, hedge apples, cucumbers also kept Cockroach away. You can use any of those to keep away roaches from home.

How to Keep Roaches Away While You SleepHow to keep roaches away while you sleep

Many roach killer products are available for outdoor sleeping in deep woods to keep Cockroach away. But I don’t know those are work are not.but if we do those things it keeps roaches away from your house. Follow those things below.

Eliminate Food Access

The first thing to stop coming Cockroach in your house is to end the food supply to them. How can you do that? You can eliminate their food success place. Throw out all kinds of left out food, milk, juice or any other food you didn’t need. Keep other food where roach can reach like dry vacuum food on a can or plastic jar so that insects can reach. Throw garbage every day.

Clean Clean Clean

Before going to bed clean all places where food leftover. Deep cleaning is essential and Cockroach hates the clean area. Be sure clean behind and underneath the refrigerator, stove and other sites where you generally keep food. Clean house prevents Cockroach from coming back. 

Top Treading: Where Do Cockroaches Live

Store Food Airtight

Almost all the time use airtight containers. Even pet food should be stored sealed in bags or containers for keeping out from the Cockroach.Also, ensure the refrigerator and freezer are well protected inside. Not only Cockroach are nasty but also dangerous.

Every few days past keep checking all food storage to ensure all are still seals and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cardboard attract roaches?
Ans: Yes, the Cockroach is attracted to cardboard. They prefer cardboard as a nest.

Does water attract roaches?
Ans: A cockroach can live up to 2 months without food but can’t; live a single week without water. So they are very much fond of water.

Are roaches attracted to light?
Ans: No, cockroaches hate light.that’s Why they come out in the night. But they love green light. Most importantly, where the hell the roaches come from at night.

Are cockroaches attracted to heat?
Ans: yes, Not too much heat. But they love the worm area.