What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like?

What Do Roach Eggs Look Like?

Roach eggs are a little bit different what we expect from the chickens. Mainly the Roaches make egg cases which are familiarly known as oothecae. The female species produce egg cases and contain many a time. some species drop the egg case, while other species carry it until the eggs are ready to hatch.

Cockroach Eggs Look Like:what do cockroach eggs look like

Well, there are three different types of cockroaches eggs (American, Oriental, and German).

The American one will produce a dark brown ootheca that will be approximately 8 mm in length. They are able to produce 6 – 90 of these egg cases during their lifetime.

The Oriental roaches are slightly different from the others one and its color is dark reddish-brown and basically, length will be 8-10 mm.

German cochroach are brown in color and its length is 6-9 mm. Although it is smaller than in most cases.

what does a cockroach look like

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How Long Does It Take for Roach Eggs to Hatch?

It depends on the type of cockroach. The baby cochroach come out from the oothecae within 24-39 days on average. American one needs around 24 to 38 days to hatch from eggs.

How Many Eggs Does a Cockroach Lay

As I told you before how many eggs does a cockroach lay it depend on the type. The American one lays about 16 eggs in one case. Brown-banded lay about 10 to 18 Oothecae. The Oriental cocroach lays about 16 eggs in a case just like the American. The German one is the worst of them all and lays up to 50 eggs in one egg sac and Madagascar cockroach lay eggs inside, produce very rarely contain no more than 60.

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Where Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs?

A cockroach can’t live a single week without water. So most of them lay eggs near the food and water source. So that a baby doesn’t have any problem finding food and water. You won’t be surprised to see an egg in the cloths. They do lay eggs in clothes. When the nymphs in fully developed, the mother deposit the egg cases in warm, moist and dark location. These locations are the best suitable for the development of the eggs. Some spices do not drop their ootheca but instant carries it to term until the nymphs emerge

Eggs cases:

Oothecae is known as the roach eggs cases. Female produce eggs. Oothecae contains many eggs at a time. Some of them drop the egg case while some other carry it until the eggs are ready to hatch.

The American one’s oothecae are 8-8.50 mm in length. It looks like dark brown in color. It can contain 90 oothecae at a time. The female one carries it a few hours to a few days. The brown-banded one cases are small in size. It can be 5 mm length in size and look like reddish brown in color. The brown female only can produce 20-25 cases in her lifetime. The oriental croaches are reddish brown in color and it can be 8-10 mm in length. These type oothecae are slightly bloated and can contain 16 cases in a lifetime.


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What Cockroach Eggs Look Like

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