Yates Zero Vs Roundup Weed Killer

In the world of weed killers, there is a clear winner. The most popular weed killer on the market is Roundup and for a good reason. So it’s time to find out why Roundup reigns supreme in the world of weed-killing as we compare Yates Zero Weed Killer Vs Roundup: Which is Better for You?

Yates Zero Vs Roundup Table

Yates Zero


Active Ingredients Glyphosate

Active Ingredients Glyphosate

It Kills Weeds From Roots

You Get Visible Results In 3 Hours

Non Residual

Kills Weeds To The Root So They Wont Come Back

200 ml Can Makes Up To 50L Of Spray

Mixing Ratio 2 1/2 Oz Per 1 Gallon Of Water

Perfect For Clearing Garden Beds Before Planting

It Works By Targeting An Enzyme That Is Essential To Plant Growth 

Safe For Pets And Children After It Dried

People And Pets May Enter Treated Area After Spray Has Dried

Easy To Use Measure Bottle

The Formula Is Ideal For Use In And Around Vegetable Gardens, Flower Beds, Tree Rings, As Well As On Cracks In Driveways

Rainproof After 2 Hours (No Need To Respray If It Rains After 2 Hours)

Economical To Treat Large Areas (Rainproof in 30 minutes)

It Can Kills All Grasses And Broadleaf Weeds, As Well As Onion Weed, Bamboo, Lantana, Blackberry And Unwanted Trees.

Kill The Toughest Weeds And Grasses Down To The Root

Why Compare

The most popular weed killer on the market is Roundup and for a good reason. It’s time to find out why Roundup reigns supreme in the world of weed-killing as we compare Yates Zero Weed Killer Vs Roundup.

If you wonder which one would be better, it all depends on what type of weeds you have in your lawn or garden. If any plants produce fruit-yielding berries like blackberry bushes, grape vines or raspberry canes then yates zero won’t work because they contain a high level of acidity so if this is your situation then Roundup will do just fine! On the other hand, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to Roundup, then yates zero weed killer is perfect for you.

Weed killers are not always effective on the weeds in your garden or lawn so you must make sure that you know what type of weeds are there and pick accordingly!

Yates Zero Weed Killer Review

It is an easy way to kill weeds and grasses. It kills all of them, roots included. This weed killer doesn’t react in the soil. Yates Zero Super Concentrate Weedkiller is not selective and could kill wanted plants and grasses if you spray it on a lawn. It can only be used as a spot treatment.

Yates Zero Weed Killer is a herbicide that kills weeds and grasses on contact. It contains no chloroform, which means it’s safer for humans to use around their homes or in the garden.

Unlike Roundup weed killer, Yates Zero does not kill beneficial plants like flowers, trees and vegetables so you can feel free to use this all year round! This weed killer also has less chance of contaminating ground water supplies than Roundup because it only needs one application instead of two applications before crops are planted.

Do not spray the weeds with anything for two weeks. If there are visible symptoms in 7-10 days, repeat treatment after four weeks if necessary.

How to use it Yates Zero Weed Killer

is a product that can be used for both outdoor and indoor weed control. It is made of natural ingredients, including vinegar (which kills the weeds) as well as petroleum distillates to get rid of any lingering problems with smell or residue.

The instructions on the bottle recommend spraying it anywhere where you see unwanted plants growing just once in order to get rid of them. This can be done in several ways, including by spraying it from the top-down or outside-in to absorb it into the leaves and plants.

There are some precautions to take when using this product: make sure you know where you want to put the weed killer before doing anything else (like watering), and it should be used outside or in an area with good ventilation.

  • Use it before the rain of 2 hours
  • Use only treated area. Do not spray in the wanted plants and grasses. It may kill its too.
  • Do not disturb the treated area or reapply within two weeks. If it has still weed then you can reapply after four weeks (Most of the time it’s not necessary)

Active Ingredients

Active ingredient: Glyphosate. The active ingredient in both weed killers is glyphosate, the safest and most widely used herbicide on the market. One application can kill all existing plants that have emerged from the ground at one time anywhere up to 12 months after it’s applied.

It will provide effective control against many weeds including annual bluegrass, annual sedge, chickweed, clover (white and red), dandelion, downy brome grasses, field bindweed, horseweed or marestail weeds like henbit in the flower garden.

Active ingredient: Diquat. The active ingredient in Yates Zero Weed Killer is a chemical called diquat. Diquat is a non-selective herbicide that will kill any plant it contacts. It does not require contact with the leaves to be effective and has been used for many years by turf managers, golf course superintendents, agricultural producers and home gardeners.


Yates Zero Weed Killer is an efficient natural weed killer that kills weeds, removes moss and algae in lawns. It has no synthetic chemicals so it does not contaminate the soil or water sources. This product can be used in areas where pets are present as long as they stay off the treated area after application. If you are looking for a weed killer that Kills the toughest weeds and grasses to the root in a large area then Roundup is perfect for you.

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