Dynatrap vs Mosquito Magnet

Out of all the mosquito traps on the market, which one is best for your backyard? This article will compare and contrast two of the most popular devices-the dynatrap and mosquito magnet. We’ll look at their features, what they have to offer, as well as how much they cost. So if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use but also effective in trapping mosquitoes then read on!

Dynatrap vs Mosquito Magnet Table

If you are looking for a mosquito trap, then you probably have two options in mind. One of them is the Dynatrap and the other is Mosquito Magnet trap. While both traps work very well, there are some differences that you should consider before making your decision.


Mosquito Magnet

Dynatrap DT1050

Mosquito Magnet MM4200B

Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor

Outdoor Use Only

It Cover ½ Acre

Coverage Area Up To 1 Acre

Long Life CCFL UV Bulb

Odorless Trap

Plugs In To Standard 120v Outlet

Propane Tank Is Not Included

No Expensive Attractant Or Propane Required

Breaks Insect Breeding Cycle

Also Can Kills Insects Like Moths, Blackflies And Ladybugs

It Kills Mosquitoes, No-see-ums, Midges, Black Flies, Gnats

One Year Warranty

Comes With A 1 Year Warranty

Why Compare

This post compares two popular options for pest control outdoors–the Dynatrap vs the Mosquito Magnet.

One of the most difficult parties to plan is a backyard party or outdoor event, considering all the bugs and pests that can come out during these times. When you’re outdoors at night time, mosquitoes are one of your greatest enemies–they could keep you awake as they buzz around or pester those nearby with bites.

One way to control this problem is by using an insect trap like Dynatrap or mosquito magnet which both have their own benefits and features for controlling pesky insects while still being able to enjoy the evening outside.

Dynatrap Mosquito Traps

Its provides 4-way protection for mosquitos & other flying insects while using in the indoor or outdoor in your house. or yard. It’s designed with an effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution that eliminates mosquitoes without the use of chemicals or cooking oils

It features a patented design which attracts mosquitoes by mimicking humans and is equipped with powerful lights to lure them in-it also has a unique fan system that sucks these pests inside for capture! Features include: A 24′ cord & plug included It includes 12 attractant mats (each mat lasts up to 30 days) It captures both male and female mosquitos-including those carrying Zika virus

The dynatrap mosquito trap can be used as part of your regular bug control service plan so it automatically traps bugs during every visit. This means you are always protected from pesky mosquitos no matter what! The dynatrap mosquito trap is designed to avoid capture of beneficial insects- it will attract mosquitoes without attracting other pests that are important for the environment.

It does not require any chemicals or oils and can be used in all weather conditions. It also has a removable base plate so you can clean inside the unit when needed. The only maintenance required with this device includes emptying collected water every few days (water level needs to stay above the drain).

Mosquito Magnet Review

With the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap, you can tackle the mosquitoes and other biting insects that are plaguing your property. This trap is designed to attract and kill mosquitoes, black flies, moths, wasps, ants and other flying insects.

This insect control system uses CO lure in a propane powered lamp, which will attract mosquitoes close enough to capture them on an octenol (a natural substance) netting inside the unit then kills t hem once they are captured. The benefit of this invention over Dynatrap is that it also attracts flies and other flying pests like moths or gnats.

How it Works

In here we are going to talk about how the dynatrap and mosquito magnet works.

The Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap is designed with a highly effective and odorless luring agent that mimics the scent of human skin. This lure attracts mosquitoes, black flies, moths, wasps, ants and other flying insects to the trap where they enter through special inlets on either side of the unit.

Once inside these pests are trapped by one or both vertical screens (depending on which model you purchase) made up of thin steel rods spaced about half an inch apart vertically and horizontally so when bugs fly into it from all directions they become hopelessly entangled between the wires–this leaves them exposed to insecticide vapor that’s released after each mosquito enters for 15 minutes before being sealed off again until another cycle can begin.

Odorless mosquito trap that simplifies the process of keeping mosquitoes away from your backyard party, camping site or other outdoor activity

Features: lure in insects with a highly effective and odourless luring agent; vertical screens capture bugs within 15 minutes after entering each cycle–provides for cleaner air by killing those pesky pests before they can bite you!

Benefits: Simple to use-no assembly required, no fumes (odorless), safe around food and pets, low maintenance cost as it’s not necessary to replace bait inside like some traps require every month.


offers a one year, limited warranty on all DynaTra Insect Traps original purchaser. If it breaks we will replace or repair at no charge, even if you are not the original purchaser!

a one year limited warranty on all parts and labor to be free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal use up to a $100 limit per claim. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect; improper installation of any Dyno-Trap accessory (as determined by Dyno-Trap) including but not limited to those related to power cords and extension cords; alterations made after purchase without Dyno-Trap’s permission; transportation incident damage such as that due to being dropped during shipping

In the end though, both are very affordable options that will help you fight off mosquitoes and enjoy your time outside.

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