Lambda Cyhalothrin Insecticide

Not all insecticides are created equal. One name that has stood the test of time and effectiveness is Lambda-Cyhalothrin, a broad-spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.

This review aims to give you a deep dive into the efficacy, benefits, drawbacks, and safety aspects of Lambda-Cyhalothrin, making it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Aspect Detail
Active Ingredient Synthetic pyrethroid
Mechanism of Action Contact and stomach action, Nervous system disruption
Target Pests Lepidopteran and Coleopteran insects, Sucking pests
Formulations Liquid, Dust, Gel baits, Granules
Residual Effect Long-lasting
Odor Mild
Safety Precautions Goggles, Gloves, Breathing Mask

What is Lambda-Cyhalothrin?

Lambda-Cyhalothrin is a man-made version of the naturally occurring pyrethrum extracted from chrysanthemum flower petals. Available in various formulations from liquid concentrates to dusts, granules, and even gel baits,

It has gained recognition for its long-lasting residual effects compared to other chemical ingredients. Its physical properties indicate that it’s a colorless or beige solid with a mild odor, low water solubility, and nonvolatile nature.

How Does It Work?

Lambda-Cyhalothrin operates through a dual-action mechanism. Upon application, it rapidly penetrates the insect’s central nervous system, causing an excitement of nerve cells, followed by paralysis.

This incapacitation leads to the insect’s starvation and eventual death. One of the strengths of Lambda-Cyhalothrin is its spreadability; the poison is known to transfer through an insect population, providing more comprehensive eradication.

Benefits of Using

  • Versatility: Works across multiple formulations like liquid concentrates, gel baits, and granular forms.
  • Efficacy: Exhibits both contact and stomach action, rendering it extremely effective against various pests like bollworms, leaf rollers, stem borers, and more.
  • Long-lasting: Known for its residual activity, which keeps working for months after the initial application.
  • Safe for Plants: Ideal for landscapes, shrubs, and ornamentals as it breaks down quickly without harming the plant.


  • Mild Odor: This can be off-putting for individuals sensitive to smells.
  • Not Instant Kill: Although effective, completely eradicating the target pests may take up to 7 days.

Is It Safe?

Lambda-Cyhalothrin is generally safe when used as directed. Always adhere to label directions and wear protective safety equipment like goggles, gloves, and a breathing mask.

Ensure that children and pets are kept away from treated areas until the application product completely dries, usually within 30 minutes to an hour.

Featured Products

  • Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide: Contains 9.7% Lambda-Cyhalothrin, offering a low-odor, water-based concentrate ideal for various pests.
  • Cyzmic CS Insecticide: A dual-action micro-encapsulated concentrated spray that provides quick knockdown and a long-lasting insecticidal barrier.

Final Thoughts
Lambda-Cyhalothrin is an insecticide that combines versatility with efficacy. It stands out for its dual-action mechanism, long-lasting residual effects, and relative safety when used responsibly. While it does have minor drawbacks like a mild odor and not being an instant-kill product, its benefits far outweigh its limitations.

So, whether you’re a farmer grappling with crop pests, a homeowner seeking to keep your space bug-free or a DIY pest control enthusiast, Lambda-Cyhalothrin is a reliable choice for comprehensive pest management.

Remember, your battle against pests mustn’t be a long, drawn-out affair. With Lambda-Cyhalothrin, you can look forward to a pest-free environment that lasts.

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