Comparison of Milky Spore Powder vs Granules

Milky spore powder and granules are two different types of milky spore products that can be used to control insect populations In your Lawn. The question for many applicators is which product should they use? Actually those two product don’t have much different when it comes to Lawn treatment. Main difference is the way to Apply in the Lawn or garden.

For Milky Spore Granules, You need to use Twice Per Year For Two Or Three Years, So that It Will Be Effective For Up To 20 Years. This article will compare both products in order to help you decide which one would work best for your needs.

Milky Spore Powder vs Granules Table



Made In The USA

Made In The USA

Treats Up To 2500 Square Feet

20 Lb. Bag Treats 7,000 Sq. Ft.

Continue Killing the Grub upto 20 Years

Continue Killing the Grub upto 20 Years

Does Not Harm Beneficial Insects Man Or Animals

Does Not Harm Beneficial Insects Man Or Animals

Use One Teaspoonful Or Powder Every 4 Feet In Your Lawn

In The Granules, You Need To Apply This Twice Per Year For Two Or Three Years

It has Natural Bacteria Which Eats The Grub From The Inside

It has Natural Bacteria Which Eats The Grub From The Inside

It Kill Japanese Beetle, June Beetle And Other Lawn Grubs

It Kill Japanese Beetle, June Beetle And Other Lawn Grubs

Kills The Grub Stage Of The Japanese Beetle

Kills The Grub Stage Of The Japanese Beetle

Why Compare

One of the key differences between milky spore powder and granules is in how they are applied. Milky spore powder can be mixed with water to create a spray that is used to treat infested areas such as lawns, shrubs, or trees. Once sprayed onto these plants it will eventually work its way down into the soil where it kills off any grubs present there. Granular products on the other hand need to be placed directly on top of an infestation so that when insects come out for food they will pick up some spores from this product and eat them before returning home.

The difference in application methods may make one more appropriate than another depending upon your situation. If you have a large area with many trees or shrubs, then milky spore powder may work best for you since it can be applied over a large amount of space quickly. Granular products are better if the area is smaller and more confined such as in your grassy areas around trees.

 Milky Spore Powder Review

In this section we are talking about the short review of Milky Spore Powder. Milky spore is normally dormant until it comes into contact with an insect. If the grub eats this powder, then they will become infected with bacteria for a particular time. The most common pathogen found in these products is Serratia marcescens. It will infect insects at a soil depth of at least 2 inches and survives underground for years on end.

Milky spore bacteria have several advantages over other control methods such as beneficial nematodes or pesticides. This product can be used to treat large areas instead of being confined to smaller sections like granules are able to do. Also you won’t need to worry about killing off useful bugs since these infect only insect larvae that are already present in your soil. Using milky spore powder will also cause no harm to people or animals that may come into contact with the soil. Milky spore powder can only treat lawns, shrubs, and trees.

Another downside is that you will need to reapply if rain washes away the grub infected particles from your lawn. A third problem occurs when using milky spore powder for turf grasses like seashore paspalum and St Augustinegrass. To see why this could become an issue read more on our page about sprinkler systems in the section on Bermuda grass control .

Other areas of use include golf courses, ornamental plants, and non-food areas. Medicinal herbs are not as sensitive to this product but it is still used on them in some countries.

How does It Work?

Once the powder gets into the soil, it will be up to nature to do its job. Since there is no additional water needed for this product, it can be used over a very wide area. Milky Spore Powder is a one time use product that you can put in your lawn. It will work every 4 feet, which will be a checkerboard pattern.. Plus it only takes one contaminated grub per square foot or 400 pounds (181 kg) of grubs to treat 1 acre (4,000 m 2 ).

One 10 oz container will treat 2,500 square feet and the One 40 oz container will treat 10,000 square feet. The bacteria Serratia marcescens infects white grub larvae that are present in lawns and many other turf grasses . While ambushing unsuspecting insects; these pathogenic bacteria kill them slowly transforming their soft bodies to a hard shell.

The infected larvae die and persist on the soil surface as an inanimate object until they are brushed off by natural movements of lawns or other turf where they contaminate other larvae. The application of milky spore powder can also help with mosquito populations since these insects lay their eggs in water that is near the soil. Since the larvae live in dirt, they are prone to infection by S. marcescens.

Active Ingredient

Milky spore powder contains the bacteria Serratia marcescens, which is harmless to humans. This product is one of the safest available on the market. It is not a toxic chemical or any other harmful substance.

The bacteria will spread through your lawn and infect various types of larvae such as Japanese beetle grubs. Milky spore powder contains inorganic materials. Both of the products active ingredients is bacteria B. popilliae.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the best option would depend on your specific situation but these are some things you should keep in mind when making your decision about which product will work best for you: size of property, budget, type of pest being dealt with, and timeline needed before seeing results. If any questions arise or if there’s anything else we can help with please do not hesitate contact us!

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